My magic castle

My magic castle

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Being Called to Magic

One of the best way to generate beneficial ideas is to feel the need emotionally.  Our creative self is generating myriad ideas constantly.  But we seldom pull them up out of our subconscious to use.  But if a family member needs something the ideas come bubbling up.  Even talking to a casual acquaintance will generate a beneficial idea if we feel a connection with that other person.  Creativity does not do well in a sterile environment.  So if you are a wise magician you will realize another reason to open up your heart.  Do not be cold and sterile.  Let your family and friends call forth the magic from you. Open your heart to yourself.  Let your loving heart reassure your self that needs can be met. Ideas and connections will happen.  I was musing about the many craft and other items I have sold.  Most, if not all, were created in response to a need mentioned by someone I cared about. This calling out of magic is so common that it may go unnoticed.  But think about a mom being told that their child needs a  Halloween costume.  It is much more fun to create one than try to buy a flimsy one at the store.  Love and fun are calls to us to work our magic.So go forth and do magic in love and joy.  May the spark be with you.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Magic of Doubt

We often hear that we have to take risks in order to succeed.  That is true.  But we also have to avoid stupid, unreasonable risks.  Those kind of risks can make further success impossible.  If we lean on authority and dogma we will never get anywhere for ourselves.  If we do succeed it is not our success but the success of the creed we blindly followed.  Doubt can be magic.  Doubt your path.  Then look ahead and avoid the obstacles.  The path may be fine but walking it blindly can be dangerous.  Don't let doubt turn you into a timid mouse, hiding away in your hole.  Find a balance between doubt and taking things by storm.  A balanced life uses doubt and risk together in measured doses.  The magic is in being able to reason and weigh and then use the zing of your creativity to go forward. A mantra for a wise magician might be 'doubt then do'.  Your self expression is important.  Warning signs will show themselves to you. These are feeling of unease or discomfort that you are failing yourself or going against your core values.  When you see or feel these signs it is good to actively call on your ability to doubt.  But do not doubt your self.  Doubt the path way on which you are embarked.  This will help you see the more true path.  Then go forth, even if it feels risky.  The field of magic, the universe, is on your side.  May the spark be with you.