My magic castle

My magic castle

Monday, May 31, 2010

The Magic Of Juxtaposition

For over a month I've been wanting to focus on a particular writing project and finding barrier after barrier thrown in my way. Yesterday I was finally able to sit down, supposedly freely, to the project and it just wouldn't flow. I woke up this morning determined not to be stressed about it but still a bit on edge. Then I decided to use some of the brain storming tools I've learned. One of which is juxtaposition, or pairings. This project is a second chapter and I needed to introduce a character who is important but had no place in the first chapter. Yet I felt that there needed to be less isolation between the two. When I asked my muse if there was a way to show connection that made sense I realized I could have a character in the second chapter mention a character in the first. This would open things up for a lot of events down the line to fall into place much more easily. Putting things in proximity has a lot of uses. In graduate school I often found ways to get double duty out of research so I could get papers turned in for different classes by the way I would pair ideas or spin things off from one idea to another. So if you are feeling stressed about a goal, face your problem with logic and magic. See if an unusual pairing might not open up doors for your creativity. May the spark be with you.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Magic Of Color

Color affects us emotionally. Color also communicates our emotions to others. You can use this to manage your moods or your communication. Suppose you need to hide out from the world a bit. A nice hedge row brown, the color of the burrow you need to find for yourself will help set up barriers to protect you. Color as an indicator of emotional traits has been well tested. But you can test out for yourself the effect you get. In general yellow corresponds with reaching out. Red is the color of arousal and hunger. That is the reason for so many red checked tablecloths. Brown and black are barrier colors. Green and blue are more steadfast. As you get dressed or as you plan your workday you can surround yourself with colors that will help you or hinder you in your tasks. Pay attention to color. It can help you. Color is one of the sparks of magic waiting to help you. Reach out for that spark to help you have a happy and satisfying day. May the spark be with you.

Friday, May 28, 2010

The Magic Of Joy

Follow the spark. That is a good mantra. Joy is a needed spice that can easily be sprinkled into your life to lighten it up when you've been doing something intense like creating or change work. Of course when joy is a gift from the Universe I hope you will welcome and accept it. Other times you may have to reach out for it. I recently did a visualization on the idea of following the spark. That is a concept that could have so many interpretations it would take a while to use them all up. I visualized a spark of fire that led me to a cozy scene of a fireplace and so on. Eventually I was visiting rainbows over waterfalls because the light play on the drops of water had a magical spark to them. To free associate seeking out joy was very relaxing and ultimately joyous. I would recommend it to you. If visualizing is difficult for you do not despair. You can improve at it with practice. Start by looking at something near you. Then close your eyes and try to remember it. Open your eyes and check on what you remembered. Try this several times, refining the picture each time. With practice you will develop a visual channel on which you can run your own videos that you create. This is a great tool for creativity, for stress management, planning and achieving goals. Reach out for joy today. It will help your life. May the spark be with you.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Magic Of Recognizing Panic

Panic, and it's little cousin anxiety, is prevalent and ubiquitous. It is also insidious and powerful. We must fight it long term and short term. I remember times I have read something wrong because of an anxious mind set. Later when I looked at it again I was amazed at my mistake. Knowing how much panic can influence us can be a magical tool in recognizing and fighting it. All the things about deep breathing, taking a break and so on are true for the short term battle. Another technique is to 'change the channel'. If you are feeling panic you are sending yourself disaster messages in one or another of your senses. You may be experiencing fear of heights by picturing a fall as you cross a bridge. Switch the channel, jam the visual by singing or tightening and relaxing muscles. You may be running an aural tape, chattering away with negative voices. Jam that channel by looking up towards the sky and get into the visual channel. Panic comes from a combination of experience and interpretation of that experience and is a misuse of our time. If you can work to make the "I AM" decision, knowing that every second you are an individual of worth just by being alive, you can work to destroy your time-traveling panic tapes. It will take work but is not beyond the dedicated self loving person. Paying attention to sensory input helps you center and stay in the moment. Panic doesn't belong in that moment. If there was real danger you would be acting to avoid it, not nattering away to yourself about imagined hurts or such. So reach out for the energy from the spark of magic when you feel the physical sensations of negativity. Calm down. Get in the moment. All panic does is mess you up. There may need to be changes made. But it takes a clear head to decide what the good empowering change should be. So recognize panic and take away its power over you. You have yourself to help you. And the spark. May the spark be with you.

The Magic Of Experience

I have been studying people a very long time. I have found that lip service does nothing to bring about change. I have known people who have been given good mental health concepts and believe that they have learned them. A thousand classes or therapy sessions will do no good if the concepts are not truly learned. Learning must be experienced in order to actually take place. Words can cause a barrier between hearing and being. Think of someone you love or have loved. There may be words there but there are also strong memories of sensual experience, the smell of that child's skin, the warmth around your heart at the joy of seeing that person, the sensation around your eyes as you wanted to smile in remembrance of that dear one. In planning and bringing about change in yourself you must call in your ability to experience a behavior in the same way you experienced your memory of a dear one. I wrote about a fairy child crying because her brother said she looked funny when she put jewelry in her hair. To shield herself from hurt she could have imagined words coming at her and herself deflecting them or turning them into different messages. Leora could have thanked her brother for noticing her hair. A lot of change work is done in solitary times, when we have the good sense and grace to visit with ourselves. To love ourselves is to work to give ourselves a good life. If we are burdened by needing the approval of others or thinking we need labels to have self worth we will have trouble gaining the peace and joy we deserve. Take inventory to see what changes you need to bring about. Reach out for the spark of magic that abounds to give you energy and courage. Then begin a series of visualizations, bringing in as many other senses as you can, about making the change you need. I need to become more active. I will picture myself walking in a variety of situations as vividly as I can. I will do this frequently. I will also "experience" myself after I have accomplished the goals I set for myself and enjoy the sense of achievement I feel. I will let the spark be with me. May you also find ways to experience the changes you need to make. May the spark be with you.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Putting On Fairy Armor

The world of Thimblewyck is the world I write about the most. The most courageous fairy there is the one who rescued Lina from being consumed by fire before she was even born. I suspect that Lord Windom should dub him Sir Marus and confer knighthood on him. If someone were to ask Marus how he protects himself, if he puts on armor, this is what I suspect he would say. "Fairies are very small creatures and they can get out of the way and hide from danger a lot of the time. It is unlikely I would ever want to wear metal armor to protect me because it would be so heavy I couldn't fly. Fairies really need to soar. It makes their soul happy. I find that the things that are the most dangerous to me are the negative thoughts and ideas that are sent my way from humans. So when I am going to spend a lot of time around humans I have a ritual of putting on my protection, or fairy armor. First I shield my eyes. If I see someone frown I do not need to take it personally. I can instead use my eyes to appreciate the color or their hair or the shape of their head, or perhaps the tone of their skin color. Then I put fairy armor on my ears. If I hear them being negative or being stupid I can choose to hear the way their voice might sound if they were singing or laughing instead. If they say something to try and insult me or hurt me I know they are just mortals. I know best about what I am like down inside. What they say is no more important than loose wind. Sometimes I listen to the hurt that causes the negative words and later I may say something to bring healing to them, if I choose. I shield my mind. I will not cause myself pain by another person's words. The same with my heart. I put a spell on my tongue so that I don't slip and cause pain to another. Then I glorify my wings and my feet. That way I can blithely skip or fly away from negative words or ideas. Then I put a healing spell in my pouch. That is to do this: take a good fact and turn it into a good experience. Let that heal the little wounds. Then milk it enough that some of that experience can seep down into your heart to heal old wounds. This is the magic armor I sometimes wear." May you follow the example of the fairy Marus. Reach out for the spark of magic to put on your fairy armor when needed. May the spark be with you.

The Magic of A Pause

There are times when the urge to give up will come over you strongly. Sometimes it is a good idea to give up. Some things are more trouble than they are worth. Some roads lead to danger. Sometimes that urge to give up is a signal to regroup in a better way and go on to success and glory. Don't ignore the urge, just find out if it is a signal to get a better start or to really quit. If it's a "start again" signal here are some things you can do to make your attempt more successful. * Take a deep breath. It is amazing how often we tighten up, forget to breath and deprive out brain of oxygen. * Put the stress thoughts in a box and promise them that if they will just 'shut up' you will give them all the attention they deserve later. * Look at your project to see if you actually are on the right path with it. Sometimes I have to do a drastic rewrite to get back on track. But when I do, the work sails along. * See if you need to break your task down into small parts, doable parts. Maybe the size of the whole project is overwhelming to think about and you need to focus more on the small parts. * Take a rest. Maybe a break will energize you and let some new ideas or understandings come through. * See what you can do to add some 'zing' to your work. Perhaps you need to add some adventure or whimsy. The Bible is fairly serious. But look at pictures of the illuminated manuscripts. Those hard working monks often put a small animal doing something interesting in the picture they would
paint. So if you need to pause to make sure your hands are being held just right to catch the spark of magic, do so. Then let it energize you and get on with your magical creations. May the spark be with you.

Monday, May 24, 2010

The Magic Of Persistance

We have already enjoyed fresh spinach from our garden. Other seeds and plants are growing. Once a seed starts it never stops unless something drastic gets in the way. It is the same with creative endeavors and with healing. It is important to keep on keeping on. Ideas are like water, they will find any hole at all to seep through. It may seem unusual that I am linking creativity with trauma recovery. But I do believe the creative soul wants to blossom, to express itself in ways that will heal and enrich life. The beauty of the full product can then be appreciated in a way that heals the original wound or trauma. Often the themes we deal with in creative work are themes about things we think are wrong with the world. Discrimination is one of the themes I write about often. I have seen too much of it too often. I cheer when the oppressed stand up for themselves. I cheer when others give a helping hand to the oppressed. I dislike bullies, especially ones who clothe themselves in the robes of the righteous. Your inner self is probably already pushing you to make a statement about your dreams and ideals in many little ways. May the spark of magic give you the energy to reach out more fully. The world deserves to be a better place. Never give up in your efforts to make it so. May the spark be with you.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Wisdom Is Where You Find It

Recently I watched a couple of people do a bit of screaming and shouting, acting out as it were. One of them went to a quiet place and discovered what his soul was trying to tell him about the need for self expression, that he needed to be creative to keep his soul healthy. I am not close enough to the other person to know what she did but the recipient of her intensity reached out for some mental health counseling to deal with that behavior, so good results came from both of these two tantrums. I used the lesson from the man who learned of the need for soul expression for myself and solved some problems in my physical set up for my writing. I was getting antsy about the impediments to my creativity myself. I just wasn't quite ready to act out. So I wonder if the demonstrators around the nation I have been judgmental of can be encouraged to get into a dialogue with themselves about their fears and needs for their soul to be happy. Perhaps they will learn a good lesson in time. I have often said that anger is needed to alert us that something needs to be fixed. I must state, however, that reason must be used to really understand what needs to be fixed. The spark of magic in this case would be the spark of reason. Use the energy you get from reaching for the spark to notice what is pushing your buttons, what irritates you, then reason out ways to solve those problems. That will bring the magic and miracles to you that you need. May the spark be with you.

The Magic Of Questioning Authority

I am thankful for the brave activists around the world that have made the news lately, and I am thankful for the book reviewers that have questioned the validity of some of the ideas that certain politicians are putting forward. I am thankful for the humorists that also stand up for their beliefs. There is a big difference between sovereignty and authoritarianism. When a parent, big brother, leader, elected official is willingly given power they are obligated to live up to that trust and use that power wisely. That is sovereignty. The locus of power is still with the governed. However certain heads of groups, non-profits, governments, families, and so on take power to themselves and abuse it. They become authoritarian. That power must always be questioned. If you are in a relationship and you feel that your power is diminished it probably is. Be thoughtful and brave. Many of the current demonstrators in action nowadays have not examined the issues, nor faced their own hidden agendas. It would be well for someone in their group, who is more thoughtful, to question their authority. One way to tell if someone has an authoritarian mind-set or not is to gently question a decision. (Not during crises. There are times strong decisions save lives.) If the leader enters into dialogue with you they accept you as an equal and may be worthy of your trust, or want to gain it. Leaders are valuable. Dictators are dangerous. May the spark of magic help you to keep or regain the power you deserve to live your life fully.

Friday, May 21, 2010

The Magic Of Adventure

You deserve magical adventures. They are a lot more fun, more growth producing and easier to get than absolute safety and security. Sit back and imagine total security. Doesn't it smother you just a bit? Now think of being surprised by some great idea, by someone showing a talent you didn't suspect, by a lovely view. Isn't that a lot more fun? Stability and serenity are good. But if you clutch at absolute security you will upset your stability and serenity. Let go. You have more ability to be secure within yourself than you probably realize. Trust that. Look for the surprises, the times you understand something new, the times you realize something doesn't make sense no matter what someone else tells you, the way old patterns can be rearranged into new patterns and the things that make you smile. If you will do this you will be opening yourself up to adventure. Adventures happen whether you take a trip or not. If you reject them you won't see them even if you go on a wild safari. You can change things in yourself and by yourself, or you can find others who can help you make changes. But if you cower in the dark and complain about an imperfect world and that someone else should make it better, you have no chance at warming yourself at the campfire of any adventure or at the spark of magic that will try to find you. Open up to adventure. May the spark be with you.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Catching The Spark

Many of my posts have been about being pro-active, things you could do to reach out for a better life. But magic comes to you all by itself. Be thankful and be ready when it comes to you. It is not necessary to act on it fully when it comes to you. But it is a good idea to pay enough attention that you know where it goes to rest so you can access it when you are ready. Tips, web addresses, names, ideas are all examples of times and ways the spark will flash in front of you. If you can find a way to note how to get back to this bit of magical spark it will benefit you. I use small sticky notes, notebooks, tickler files and all sorts of things. Sometimes they work for me. I am not as organized as I would like. Organization is a corollary to keeping track of the little gifts for use when you have time to benefit. So- be aware, take note, store in a retrievable way, use when you have time, enjoy. That all seems like work! Oh, dear! But if the tip or the idea or whatever is good enough it will have enough zing (or spark) to it that the effort of hanging on to it will seem worthwhile. Let magic bombard you. May the spark be with you to help you enjoy what comes you way.

The Magic Of The Web

You are not alone. There are many people connected to you, and you to them, in various ways. Be aware of these connections. You are still a unique individual. Nothing can take that away. But the groups you support or connect to can help you make the whole world a better place. The important thing is to reach out for awareness. Know your values and then when you see a chance to state your belief in something you will be ready. Sometimes all you may do is contribute a few dollars. Other times you may pass on an article. The connections are vast and far reaching. That's why is is important to reach out for that spark of magic energy to help you assess who you are and what you believe in. Some people serve more quietly than others but in the never ending war to gain a better world it is good to know your self and know your groups. If you can, it is also interesting to know the groups to which your groups are connected. When I read the newsletters of some of my groups I do not always agree with what is said. At those times I am a "jack-groupie" still loosely connected but not of a like mind. It they get too far out I will become an "ex-groupie". At times the connections you form will be nebulous. It doesn't matter. Just realize that we are all connected and that what we do can have some effect. May the spark be with you.

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Magic Of Getting Out Of Your Head

Yesterday a dear young friend was telling me about her reasons for journaling. Seems that at times she has a lot of chatter going on in her head as she tries to come up with solutions to life problems. She told me "when I figure something out then I write it down to get it out of my head and into my mind." I was so impressed with her insight I requested permission to share it. To live a mindful life is an art that more people aspire to than are able to achieve. I was impressed with the way this young girl knew how thoughts can rattle around in mindless circles in one's head, becoming less and less valid as thinking tools. But to get them into the realm of wisdom, into the mind was something that could be done. It is marvelous the way the human mind can work, when people will master and develop thinking skills. Instead of stopping with saying to yourself,"what burdens must I deal with today?" why not go on and ask "what joys or adventures can I have today?". The mindset of joy versus burdens would change the direction of you life. Asking questions is another good way to get 'out of your head'. When a question is asked the thinker is less lost in their lonely dungeon of fear and weakness because the question suggests there is another consciousness out there that cares about the answer. So reach out for that spark of magic that will pull you out of mindless circles in your head and have some joy and satisfaction. May the spark be with you.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Magic Of Suspending Judgment

Today I saw evidence several times of the way some people cannot think things over without going down erratic paths. Their own vulnerabilities were so strong that when each person thought they were being disrespected or things weren't going their way they had to become verbally abusive towards others. Neither person had developed, or were able to use at that moment, the ability to ask themselves if the thought they were thinking was actually true, or if it actually mattered. It was sad to think of each of them on the wet clay slope sliding into the abyss of rage and blocked communication. I hope that sometime in their life they are able to heed the admonition of "don't even go there." Being aware of the quick conclusions these people made had an effect on me. I resolved to work harder to train myself to do more than ask if my thoughts were true but to also ask if my thoughts were empowering.
I have been reading a lot lately about research into positive attitudes and the way people can change their life for the better. The very idea of empowerment sounds like magic. The spark is there for me to grab and use the energy to find a happy world. I don't know what I can do but I bet it is more than I have done. The way to find the truth of that is to try. May the spark of magic bring empowerment to us all.

The Magic Of Self Creation

Have you heard the saying "As a man thinketh so he is"? A lot of research is now coming out that we have a lot more to do with forming ourselves than was previously known. Fear helps us survive. We do need to watch out for dangers. Happiness helps us survive on a higher level. The more we look for positive facts and turn them into positive experience the more happy we will become. I want to explain more about turning a positive fact into a positive experience. Any positive fact can be noticed, experienced, savored, and even taken into your consciousness to heal old wounds. It is a matter of teaching yourself to do it. A long standing concept in sociology is "the mirror image self". That refers to the way people develop their self concept from the way those around them seem to perceive them. If a person is treated as smart they are more likely to act smart and so on. However each individual can find ways to engineer a better self concept for themselves without having to be lucky enough to be in a family that will nurture that concept. Of course choosing the people you associate with will influence your idea of self but we have a fair amount of choice in who we associate with in this modern world. Do you wish to be more honorable? By wishing that you already have concepts of honor. Now look for times you notice and applaud honor in others. Notice your own honorable thoughts. Take those thoughts into your experience, savor them deeply. Soon you will notice honorable actions such as holding a door open for a handicapped person and so on. Savor these actions. Do this with whatever character trait you believe you need to develop whether it be courage, creativity, kindness or whatever else you need. The spark of magic will give you the daring to consider what you want to bring forth in yourself. It is latent already or you would not hunger for it. Consider it, experience it, savor it, be it. May the spark be with you.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Magic of Now

Dreams are important. They inform and energize us. We must nurture our dreams for that reason alone, not just for the joy they might bring us if they come true. Ideas of reality and possibility can be dangerous. If we say things like "It costs too much money to do that" or "I can't do that in the time I have left in my life" you may be sprinkling salt on the bubble of your dreams. All your various identities are important right here and now, the experienced ones and the possible ones. After you have had the joy of the dreams and held them close to your heart you can decide which ones will receive effort and energy. But the bringing to life of a dream must also be part of the dream. If you are allergic to rocks it is not good to be a mountain climber. The trip must be worth the end. Each step is part of the "now" of the dream for it to actually be part of the expression of who you are. So be in the moment, let your skin feel the air, let you nose smell the aromas around you, let your ears hear sweet words. But the part of you that still dreams of more as you center yourself, let it also perceive what comes to it. Dream of expressing, dream of doing, dream of being. That will give you a spark of magic. By itself your life will be better. The effort of making it so can come later. May the spark be with you.

Friday, May 14, 2010

The Magic Of Saying No To Stupid

Humans learn by doing so it is inevitable we will make mistakes. We can't be smart until we know what we are doing. But once we find out something doesn't work it is very stupid to keep on doing that. But stupid has a strong pull. Sometimes we don't take time to think something over, we just hear other people throwing a loud temper tantrum and we jump on the band wagon. Recently there have been a lot of demonstrators around the world, that have been fairly stupid in the way they were demonstrating. They couldn't seem to stand back and think clearly. In Colorado a few years ago demonstrators were hollering out "Say No To English Only!" Problem was no one was pushing English only. At the time there was no designated legal language for Colorado. Documents could be filed in any language, without any call for translation. So the Legislature designated English as the legal language of Colorado. No one stopped stores from hiring bi-lingual clerks, signs still stood outside businesses saying 'si venden aqui'. I used Spanish with my workers. When you wake up and say "That is stupid" it gives you energy to stop being stupid. An easy way to catch on that you are engaging in stupid is to be self-loving and aware during your conversations with friends or when you journal. Stupid may have a pull but it is not a black hole. Let the spark of magic help you wake up and say "No" to stupid. It will make your life better. May the spark be with you.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Magic Of The Moment

Years ago I gave a friend a compliment and he replied by saying, "That warms my heart."
I suggested that was an old fashioned statement for someone under thirty. He told me, "No, I actually felt warm around my heart when you said that. Don't you ever stop and let your heart feel warm?" Before that I had not actually been conscious of the feeling of warmth that can come when a moment is precious. Now I know to take the time to let happiness come through and register. One of the Mother's Day cards I got was from one of my granddaughters that sometimes says her name is Ladybug. On the card there was a ladybug hovering above some flowers. I got double enjoyment out of the card because I took the time to think of her finding the card with the ladybug and sending a double message, the one on the card and the secret one from our special ladybug. Then letting her know I had spotted it gave me another chance to enjoy a moment of love and closeness. You can add to your happiness quotient by letting the moment of appreciation, joy, surprise, contentment act like the spark of magic that can fly into dry grass and start a fire of goodness and warmth. Look for colors you like, listen for voices you enjoy, read books that transport you. The moment is there for you. Let is spread. May the spark of magic by with you.

Poppa Magic

A few posts ago I wrote about Momma Magic as the abundance of tips, advice and help you could get from other people and our society to make life a bit more comfortable and a little easier. Momma after all is the source of nurture. The father, or poppa, on the other hand, leads the child out into the world. Poppa Magic is about preparing for risk, success in the outer world, conquest, survival and such stuff. That you can manage your moods in such a way that they not interfere with your tasks, that planning is a very good skill, preparation is key, that continued trying will bring results, the value of analysis, a little risk adds spice; are all examples of Poppa Magic. The advice you would get from others would be a bit different but still useful. It is the Poppa that would say, "Don't sweat the small stuff and then realize that it is all small stuff." Poppa Magic urges you to put up with a bit of trouble and discomfort for an important goal. Poppa Magic says that every small craftsman like step is very important to the overall product. Pride in accomplishment, being known for good work,being trusted to bring about good results are attributes of both male and female but our society expects them to be more a male trait. Life is good whether lived on a large of small basis. Reach out for the spark of magic that will help you live life on whatever scale is right for you.
Do not worry about stereotypes. It is your life and may the spark be with you.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mentalist Magic

Right off I can think of three ways to improve your mental function. (1) Make sure you are physically healthy and are not deficient in any nutrients. To me it is amazing how important it is to make sure I am not lacking in the B vitamins. Rest is also important. (2) Do whatever you can to put anxiety away from you. The littlest moods can interfere with high level thinking. A comfortable place to think is a very good thing to be able to access. (3) Develop a number of brain use strategies. I will list some examples. Memory increases when you find ways of 'hooking' the information you want to remember with something else that has importance to you. Memory increases if you use rhythm as you try to remember an item. The metronome speed of 60, the speed of largo movements in Baroque music, when listened to before you attempt to remember something, will aid retention. When information makes sense it is easier to remember.
Repetition helps retention. Ideas will come to you if you develop habits of creativity. Welcome every idea, whether you act on it or not, so as not to cause your creative side to shut down. When searching for new ideas try looking at something in a different way than before, upside down perhaps. Use questions to elicit ideas. Pay close attention to details for a while. Then switch and pay close attention to the large picture. Your brain is your magic wand. Throughout life you will be learning better ways to use it. May the spark of magic be with you for that end.

Magical Gems Of Self

In art appreciation I was taught that great art was that which could be looked at often and would offer up new discoveries with repeated viewing, or listening. Art is not simple. People are not simple. There are many facets to each person's personality or gem hood. If you have rigid notions of what a person "should" be like you will miss out on finding out what they "are" like. In addition you must be open to that greatest of all discoveries, one that never ends: who are you? The soul likes to express itself. It does so in myriad ways. Look around your home. What colors have you chosen? What groupings of objects have you make? What discovery have you made about efficiency or usefulness and how have you implemented it? What shows up that you would not want just anybody to see? It is a very good stress management technique to stop and reaffirm to yourself that you are a work of art. That will give you energy to deal with the frequent stressors that life throws your way. Appreciate yourself. That will help you appreciate others. Look for the special quirks as well as the special gifts. See how they balance each other. Let the spark of magic help you notice the way light sparkles of the many facets of the gem that is your friend or yourself. May the spark be with you.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Magic Carrot

We've all heard of the carrot on a stick that has to be held in front of a donkey to get it to go. Sometimes we have to dangle a carrot in front of ourselves, or others in order to get things moving as well. It is a lie that the donkey is about to get that carrot. It is a lie that we are slim, studious, or whatever we are trying to become. But affirmations do work. Constantly writing or saying that you are the embodiment of the positive characteristic you are trying to become does bring about change. Partly because we don't like to lie and the tension needs to be resolved. So we change in order to be more comfortable. Another carrot that is sometimes useful is to praise yourself or others, gently, for succeeding when the success first shows. It is not exactly a lie but it helps to make the way smoother towards that goal. It is quite alright to write down, and commend yourself for, every little piece of success you have. Don't wait to say "I finished the report." Say "I got a good start on the report and will be able to continue in a productive way." Say "I recognized the problems involved with the project and made a workable plan for dealing with them." Grab onto that spark of magic that will help you lead yourself forward. You deserve success and the spark of magic that is the magic carrot will help you. May the spark be with you.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Magic Of Asking

I have often been praised for being able to find things out. I do have a variety of skills in this. But one of the skills I use that others could benefit from is knowing how to ask. I ask customer service people if it is going to cost me more to pay a bill by phone. I ask businesses exactly where they are located. I ask for my total, including shipping and handling, when I make a purchase by phone. I ask for policies, protocols, customs, availability, possibility and probability. If I am learning a skill at work I ask my supervisor to make sure I am on the right learning path. I ask readers to read and critique my books before I ever think of sending them off to seek a publisher. Also, I ask my self if I am on the right path, or how I can find the right path. Sometimes I ask myself what I dare risk. I believe that there is some magic power to the act of questioning that calls forth an answer. So if you are like my father was, poor soul, and can never ask for directions, I call on you to ask yourself if a change wouldn't be a nice thing. Call forth a spark of magic to give yourself the energy and the courage. Try asking for a change. May the spark be with you. Try the magical power of the question. It will bring good things to your life.

Friday, May 7, 2010

The Magic Of Essence

We hear a lot about following our dream, of being what we want to be when we grow up and so forth. I don't think we hear enough about how to do that. Of course our society encourages education, even helping us gain it. But the deep expression of who we are that will fulfill us can remain a mystery. However I do believe that this mystery has a solution. First, however, we do have to go to the trouble to really open up to the dream. Let yourself visualize and feel what life would be like if you were living that dream. If you were a fireman; with the heat and smoke and weight of the hoses, as well as the camaraderie of the fire house and the joy of saving life or property. Or a dancer with the strains and tiredness as well as the fluid movement to the music. When you know the dream well you can boil it down to the essence of what you most want. Do you want to be a rock star in order to stand on a stage or in order to share your love of music with others? Would being a mother only involve birth or would it mean surrounding yourself with growing happy children? What is the essential part of yourself that wants to be shared with the world? Once you know the essence of the dream I believe that you can grab onto the spark of magic to give you ideas about ways to live the dream. I know that I would like to publish widely. But anytime I find a way to help others realize they are special gems of creation, that their individuality is wonderful and unique, I am living my dream. May the spark be with you that you find a way to live your own dream.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Magic Of Re-commitment

Recently my self-imposed deadlines, my hopes, wishes, dreams, ideas, and problems all rolled up into a big bristly anxiety broom and my future expectations were totally swept away, the forward path was totally clean. I breathed a big sigh of relief. I didn't have to write any more plays, blogs, stories or novels or do anything else. In that wonderful clean room I asked myself what I liked, what I loved and what I wanted to do. The answer came in a visual mode as well as in a still small voice. I love the imaginative world I have created. I love the other worlds I will create. The gyrfalcon Chak who masquerades as a dragon is a character I want other people to have the fun of knowing. Marus, the heroic fairy who rescued Lina Thimble and dares to put a dwarf in captivity is dear to my heart. So far only dear friends know these characters. I found myself re-choosing to work on finding a way to share these characters with a larger audience. The re-commitment to my writing felt right and good. I still have more ideas and projects than I know what to do with. I still have pressures to deal with. But the pictures I saw that came in answer to my questions about what to do were a spark of magic for me. Those characters are my attempt to get my ideas out there, as well as this blog. I will find it easier to write of them now that I have better pictures of them in mind. Perhaps you can "look into" re-committing to one of your special projects by letting it go, then seeing if it comes home to you. May the spark of magic be with you.

The Magic Of Mother Nature

It's Spring! Easter has just passed as has Arbor Day and Earth Day. Mother's Day is close. The greenery around us is working to clean the air of toxins. The sunshine is there to grow our food and to give us the vitamin D which will fight depression. Are you thoroughly wrapped in the arms of Mother Nature? If you don't see yourself as fitting into the comforting matrix of all that now abounds you are at risk for much, not the least of which is missing out on a lot of joy. The vivid color of the abundant flowers there for the viewing can stimulate your brain into greater well being and creativity. Find a window and dream of the bigger world out there for you to explore and enjoy, full of friends, challenges and benefits. Enjoy the way your neighbors have expressed themselves with the way they have arranged their yards. Listen and look to appreciate the birds around you. Even if all you do is walk down the aisle of your grocery store that has plants, do something today to feel part of this glorious, wonderful, abundant world. On a glorious spring day you don't even have to reach out for the spark of magic. It is everywhere, wanting to give you the gift of joy that the natural world is so wonderful and so present. Let the joy come in and have a better life.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Let The Light Shine

Diamonds don't show well in a dark room. Roses need the sun. Friendships need smiles. Courtesy needs to be responded to. Little joys need to be noticed. I remember one of my first piano lessons. "Little drops of water, tiny grains of sand, make the mighty ocean and the bounteous land." Big things are made of little things. I have been hearing that psychologists are studying happiness more than ever before. They have found that looking for small things to be thankful for on a daily basis will act like a beacon of happiness. The more you look for things for which you are thankful the more you will find. The light of those discoveries will illuminate your life and that of others. The "gratitude attitude" will energize you, give you the spark of magic that will help you move towards a more fulfilling life. If you make a mistake you actually can be thankful you found out about it before it became worse. You can be thankful you were smart enough to recognize it, that you were honest enough to admit it, that you have the courage to fix it, that you have the strength of character to go on past that mistake, that you have the self love to heal from it. Sometimes you can even be thankful that you had enough of a sense of humor to make a joke about the mistake. You are a multi-faceted gem. You need the light in order to sparkle. Let thankfulness be the spark of magic that helps you shine.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Magicking The Ego

The ego, as a buffer between you and the world is necessary. But it can be fragile.
I recently heard someone say, "I got my ego bruised." I hope they heard themselves say that operative part, "I got". Too often people don't realize how much they have to do with the hurt. Had they not listened and given power to the idiot who hurt or insulted them, there would have been no hurt. Being creative is important. The act may not always be appreciated by other people. That is the problem of these other people. The creative act may not always be the result you want. That is up to you to judge and change if desired. To grab on to the spark of magic for your ego so that you will be strong enough to create you must recognize where the power lies. The power to judge and create lies with you. You must be humble and and strong at the same time. It is just an act that you choose to do. It may or may not have the desired result. You can try again, either in the same setting or you can find a new one. Retreat if necessary but try to remember that you are the magician, the power to create lies with you. If you like what you create then it is glorious. You can also change your mind. That is also a creative act. May the spark be with you.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Think Big

There are times when it is a good idea to put yourself on the line, to see if you can't go ahead and push through a project to completion even if it might be by a narrow margin. If you have the spark behind you you will be more creative than usual and everything will go smoothly enough to finish what you started in the time you have. It is important to get clear and in the zone first however. Mull around your ideas until the direction you need to go is really clear. When you feel that spark, that zing, go ahead full tilt. One of the things I use before I start is I write out a few ideas and questions as if I am doodling. I might take a key word and do a bit of web surfing to see what other ideas I can get. I go back and remember my own past to see what I feel about this particular subject. Then, when I start I let the project speak to me, there might be an extra touch in the corner of a drawing that needs to be made or an extra bit of humor in a story. I let things flow. Before I started this last project I did allow myself to give up on it. When I had decided it would be okay if I didn't do it I was stress free about it. Then, when the ideas came at me full tilt I knew it was okay to get busy. I met the deadline days early. That was because I knew the spark of magic was a signal for me to reach out for something I wanted. May the spark come to you when you need it.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Magic Of Creativity

Every creative act is a spark of magic. Every creative act is important. Even if the wheel has already been invented, when you invent it for yourself it is a marvelous work and a wonder. Take joy in your creativity, enjoy it in others and nurture it in yourself. Keep the mind set of: 'how can I make things a little better?'. Believe that you have the power to make decisions that will find that little better. Be willing to recognize when things are not just right. Don't moan over the mores and laws or expenses of development that might keep you from being an instant Thomas Edison. All those things can be dealt with creatively in due time. Just do what you can to keep those ideas coming. Not every idea has to be carried through to completion. But it is a good idea to recognize each idea. The creative self does not like to be ignored. If that goes on too long it will shut down. I keep notebooks to record ideas so that my creative self will continue to give them to me. From time to time I see one of my ideas in dress design, a useful gadget, or story that someone else has also had and been able to bring to fruition. I do not moan. It was a good idea and that it become more public another way than through my efforts still validates my ability to generate ideas. Let your own creativity be the spark of magic to improve your life. Maybe your hobbies can become a career. Maybe something you no longer use can be changed and get a new life. Creativity is the willingness to lovingly craft things in new ways. We all have it. It can be developed and nurtured. It is there for you.