My magic castle

My magic castle

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Poppa Magic

A few posts ago I wrote about Momma Magic as the abundance of tips, advice and help you could get from other people and our society to make life a bit more comfortable and a little easier. Momma after all is the source of nurture. The father, or poppa, on the other hand, leads the child out into the world. Poppa Magic is about preparing for risk, success in the outer world, conquest, survival and such stuff. That you can manage your moods in such a way that they not interfere with your tasks, that planning is a very good skill, preparation is key, that continued trying will bring results, the value of analysis, a little risk adds spice; are all examples of Poppa Magic. The advice you would get from others would be a bit different but still useful. It is the Poppa that would say, "Don't sweat the small stuff and then realize that it is all small stuff." Poppa Magic urges you to put up with a bit of trouble and discomfort for an important goal. Poppa Magic says that every small craftsman like step is very important to the overall product. Pride in accomplishment, being known for good work,being trusted to bring about good results are attributes of both male and female but our society expects them to be more a male trait. Life is good whether lived on a large of small basis. Reach out for the spark of magic that will help you live life on whatever scale is right for you.
Do not worry about stereotypes. It is your life and may the spark be with you.

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