My magic castle

My magic castle

Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Magic Of Asking

I have often been praised for being able to find things out. I do have a variety of skills in this. But one of the skills I use that others could benefit from is knowing how to ask. I ask customer service people if it is going to cost me more to pay a bill by phone. I ask businesses exactly where they are located. I ask for my total, including shipping and handling, when I make a purchase by phone. I ask for policies, protocols, customs, availability, possibility and probability. If I am learning a skill at work I ask my supervisor to make sure I am on the right learning path. I ask readers to read and critique my books before I ever think of sending them off to seek a publisher. Also, I ask my self if I am on the right path, or how I can find the right path. Sometimes I ask myself what I dare risk. I believe that there is some magic power to the act of questioning that calls forth an answer. So if you are like my father was, poor soul, and can never ask for directions, I call on you to ask yourself if a change wouldn't be a nice thing. Call forth a spark of magic to give yourself the energy and the courage. Try asking for a change. May the spark be with you. Try the magical power of the question. It will bring good things to your life.

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