My magic castle

My magic castle

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Magic of A Pause

There are times when the urge to give up will come over you strongly. Sometimes it is a good idea to give up. Some things are more trouble than they are worth. Some roads lead to danger. Sometimes that urge to give up is a signal to regroup in a better way and go on to success and glory. Don't ignore the urge, just find out if it is a signal to get a better start or to really quit. If it's a "start again" signal here are some things you can do to make your attempt more successful. * Take a deep breath. It is amazing how often we tighten up, forget to breath and deprive out brain of oxygen. * Put the stress thoughts in a box and promise them that if they will just 'shut up' you will give them all the attention they deserve later. * Look at your project to see if you actually are on the right path with it. Sometimes I have to do a drastic rewrite to get back on track. But when I do, the work sails along. * See if you need to break your task down into small parts, doable parts. Maybe the size of the whole project is overwhelming to think about and you need to focus more on the small parts. * Take a rest. Maybe a break will energize you and let some new ideas or understandings come through. * See what you can do to add some 'zing' to your work. Perhaps you need to add some adventure or whimsy. The Bible is fairly serious. But look at pictures of the illuminated manuscripts. Those hard working monks often put a small animal doing something interesting in the picture they would
paint. So if you need to pause to make sure your hands are being held just right to catch the spark of magic, do so. Then let it energize you and get on with your magical creations. May the spark be with you.

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