My magic castle

My magic castle

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Think Big

There are times when it is a good idea to put yourself on the line, to see if you can't go ahead and push through a project to completion even if it might be by a narrow margin. If you have the spark behind you you will be more creative than usual and everything will go smoothly enough to finish what you started in the time you have. It is important to get clear and in the zone first however. Mull around your ideas until the direction you need to go is really clear. When you feel that spark, that zing, go ahead full tilt. One of the things I use before I start is I write out a few ideas and questions as if I am doodling. I might take a key word and do a bit of web surfing to see what other ideas I can get. I go back and remember my own past to see what I feel about this particular subject. Then, when I start I let the project speak to me, there might be an extra touch in the corner of a drawing that needs to be made or an extra bit of humor in a story. I let things flow. Before I started this last project I did allow myself to give up on it. When I had decided it would be okay if I didn't do it I was stress free about it. Then, when the ideas came at me full tilt I knew it was okay to get busy. I met the deadline days early. That was because I knew the spark of magic was a signal for me to reach out for something I wanted. May the spark come to you when you need it.

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