My magic castle

My magic castle

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Magic Of Experience

I have been studying people a very long time. I have found that lip service does nothing to bring about change. I have known people who have been given good mental health concepts and believe that they have learned them. A thousand classes or therapy sessions will do no good if the concepts are not truly learned. Learning must be experienced in order to actually take place. Words can cause a barrier between hearing and being. Think of someone you love or have loved. There may be words there but there are also strong memories of sensual experience, the smell of that child's skin, the warmth around your heart at the joy of seeing that person, the sensation around your eyes as you wanted to smile in remembrance of that dear one. In planning and bringing about change in yourself you must call in your ability to experience a behavior in the same way you experienced your memory of a dear one. I wrote about a fairy child crying because her brother said she looked funny when she put jewelry in her hair. To shield herself from hurt she could have imagined words coming at her and herself deflecting them or turning them into different messages. Leora could have thanked her brother for noticing her hair. A lot of change work is done in solitary times, when we have the good sense and grace to visit with ourselves. To love ourselves is to work to give ourselves a good life. If we are burdened by needing the approval of others or thinking we need labels to have self worth we will have trouble gaining the peace and joy we deserve. Take inventory to see what changes you need to bring about. Reach out for the spark of magic that abounds to give you energy and courage. Then begin a series of visualizations, bringing in as many other senses as you can, about making the change you need. I need to become more active. I will picture myself walking in a variety of situations as vividly as I can. I will do this frequently. I will also "experience" myself after I have accomplished the goals I set for myself and enjoy the sense of achievement I feel. I will let the spark be with me. May you also find ways to experience the changes you need to make. May the spark be with you.

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