My magic castle

My magic castle

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Magic Of Mother Nature

It's Spring! Easter has just passed as has Arbor Day and Earth Day. Mother's Day is close. The greenery around us is working to clean the air of toxins. The sunshine is there to grow our food and to give us the vitamin D which will fight depression. Are you thoroughly wrapped in the arms of Mother Nature? If you don't see yourself as fitting into the comforting matrix of all that now abounds you are at risk for much, not the least of which is missing out on a lot of joy. The vivid color of the abundant flowers there for the viewing can stimulate your brain into greater well being and creativity. Find a window and dream of the bigger world out there for you to explore and enjoy, full of friends, challenges and benefits. Enjoy the way your neighbors have expressed themselves with the way they have arranged their yards. Listen and look to appreciate the birds around you. Even if all you do is walk down the aisle of your grocery store that has plants, do something today to feel part of this glorious, wonderful, abundant world. On a glorious spring day you don't even have to reach out for the spark of magic. It is everywhere, wanting to give you the gift of joy that the natural world is so wonderful and so present. Let the joy come in and have a better life.

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