My magic castle

My magic castle

Monday, May 10, 2010

Magical Gems Of Self

In art appreciation I was taught that great art was that which could be looked at often and would offer up new discoveries with repeated viewing, or listening. Art is not simple. People are not simple. There are many facets to each person's personality or gem hood. If you have rigid notions of what a person "should" be like you will miss out on finding out what they "are" like. In addition you must be open to that greatest of all discoveries, one that never ends: who are you? The soul likes to express itself. It does so in myriad ways. Look around your home. What colors have you chosen? What groupings of objects have you make? What discovery have you made about efficiency or usefulness and how have you implemented it? What shows up that you would not want just anybody to see? It is a very good stress management technique to stop and reaffirm to yourself that you are a work of art. That will give you energy to deal with the frequent stressors that life throws your way. Appreciate yourself. That will help you appreciate others. Look for the special quirks as well as the special gifts. See how they balance each other. Let the spark of magic help you notice the way light sparkles of the many facets of the gem that is your friend or yourself. May the spark be with you.

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