My magic castle

My magic castle

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Magic of Musing

 I use the term musing in a specific way.  It is not just idly thinking about something.  It is exploring an idea for the purpose of becoming productive in regards to it.  I am a writer  and I believe in outlining.  But before outlining comes musing. Musing is a paper and pen thing and it can take several forms.  Always I start the top of my page with a title 'Muse on....(fill in idea here)'.  Then I start to encourage my ideas to become more fully developed.  One form for this is the I - Me Conversation.  I have written about this before, perhaps even in my blogs.  But I'd like to mention it again, if you will bear with me.  I says something about the idea, perhaps that it is poorly formed.  Me replies.  I makes a point.  Me may get more of an idea along the lines they are exploring. And so on.
When the conversation winds down I have a better idea about the way I want to proceed with my idea.  Sometimes I see that it is actually not an independent idea but a subset of another project I am already working on.
   Another form of musing, after I have put the title at the top of the page, is the write down all the points I can think of in regards to my topic.  Later I will order them, polish them and put them into an outline.  A third form of musing about a particular topic is to get it out on paper all the hesitation, anxiety, fear, worry, and questions I have in regard to that topic. If the idea is good it will not do to let anxiety sabotage it.  So it is good to face and deal with fears from the first.
   No matter what form my musing takes, it helps me get well formed about my ideas.  And remember, one of the main tenets of magic is: 'Magic is well formed'.  So try musing about you ideas to help make them real.  May the spark be with you.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

The Magic of Interaction

   Magic does not happen in a vacuum or a sterile atmosphere.  The spark may go from the wise magician to an object of nature, or come from the natural entity to the wise magician.  Such may have happened when early people discovered the beneficial qualities of certain plants.  But a great magic can happen between people.  Think of how energized you feel when you are validated by a smile from a mentor or a thumbs up from a friend.  Even more, when true collaboration takes place and a problem is solved, a great spark of energy surrounds the group.  Often ideas will come in clusters because the magic of creativity has opened up minds.  Dialogue between minds, even dialogue between different aspects of your self, can make life richer.  So, wise magicians, I urge you to keep the interaction going.  Listen.  Respond.  Question.  Avoid close mindedness.  Slogans and labels are anathema to magic.  Remember, good magic- white magic- is all that is good for people and the world.  Black magic works against our good and our world.  Corruption is black. Apathy is black.
Love is blindingly white and gold.  Warm your world by encouraging interaction.  May the spark be with you.