My magic castle

My magic castle

Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Magic of Finding Cracks

To climb a mountain you look for every handhold and every protrusion you can.  You don't expect to easily walk to the top.  It is the same in life.  You want to progress but the way may not be immediately apparent.  But there will be cracks.  Sometimes you may have to enlarge them.  The plant will find cracks in the wall or stone and then push them a bit by the swelling of the growth.  The mountain climber will drive in a tool to get a firm support.  After a bit you will get a sense of where the cracks are.  You will be able to spot them and take advantage of them.  One way to spot the weaknesses in a situation is to look for anomalies.  Even a weakness in yourself can be turned to your advantage.  Instead of a defect you may find it is good to treat it as symbol of your uniqueness.  It is important to persist and hang in there until you succeed.  The cracks you find will help you to do that if you use them well.  A crack is an indication of a little change that may become a bigger one.  Magic is meant to bring good things to life.  Looking for cracks can help you do that.  May the spark be with you.

Friday, September 28, 2012

The Magic of Carving a Path

It may seem that we are just stumbling along in life, doing the best we can from day to day.  But there is a way to make our way more successful. We can walk the path of life in better ways. If we look at what we are doing and craft and polish it we will quickly improve and become more self confident as well.  One way to polish our "doing of life" is ask ourselves why things didn't flow as well as we wanted.  Maybe it was just some little bump that we can smooth out.  For instance, I have to get my blood checked fairly often so that my warfarin dosage is right, so my blood is not too thick or thin.  Because I don't have to go in too often now, I tend to miss going into the lab when I should.  They call me and send me letters and then I feel guilty about not being on schedule.  This time I bothered to put the results letter in a pocket of my favorite calendar and mark the date to go back as well.  I'm sure I have now set up a system that will work smoothly for me. I hope that I have been learning the importance of doing this by myself but I think I really learned it from someone else.  My daughter constantly makes things smoother and I finally realized I could learn to do this as well.  I think I fully became conscious of the importance of this when she filled the bird-feeder.  I saw her sit in my chair at the table before she went out.  Then I noticed I had a better view of the birds as they fed, as she has slightly changed the position of the feeder. I say to all wise magicians: The way you do things can make a difference in your life.  Such as the path you take to work, where you keep tools and supplies, the time you allot yourself to do things, the company you keep and even the television programs you  watch.  If you carve your path well it will make your own life more magical and you may find you are leaving a legacy for others.May the spark be with you.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Magic of Sorrow

A time may come when you find you are dwelling on something a bit too much.  You may feel like you have to shift your focus to something else and yet the old 'thing' stays on your mind.  It isn't like you have suffered a great loss.  Yet you  feel  like you are stuck.  You know you need to move on.  Perhaps you have even declared that you are making the change.  Still you find yourself reliving the old situation and failing to move towards the other parts of your life that will be good for you.  At times like this it will be invoking magic to stop and mourn.  The old adage that 'change is loss' has some validity.  Explore what you are losing.  Feel sorry for yourself if you need to.  Cherish the good memories.  But go ahead and remember the reasons why your are moving on as well. To complete the transition to the better aspect of the life you are creating look for the golden thread of this experience or situation you are leaving.  There are valuable things here that can be important to the new experience you are moving towards.  When you left high school you didn't suddenly forget all that you had learned and experienced.  But you did go on to other aspects of your life.  Learn from past experiences of transition.  This moment in your present life may need to have a ritual of transition created for it.  That is why mourning can help.  Mourning explores, then blesses and lets go.  I say to all wise magicians that when the time comes to mourn do so.  Let the bittersweet moments come so that the more magical ones can be embraced.  May the spark be with you.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Magic of What You Have

Sometimes you will find that if you identify your resources and gifts you will find that life is more magical than you realized.  If you have sight you can look for joyous views.  You can look for the goodness in others.  You can enjoy the sunset and look forward to the dawn.  If you have a mind you can learn a multitude of things.  You can gain information and new skills in the way you think.  You can do more with your mind than you may know.  If you have friends you can share life adventures.  If you have the ability to judge when you don't like something you can find ways to change it. Sometimes we get caught in the big picture is a way that leads to a feeling of vague unrest.  That is a good time to work some magic by taking stock of the wonderful, creative genius that you are.  Even if you doubt this you can find a bit of magic if you will.  Look out a window and take joy in what you see.  Smell something that pleases you and take joy in your ability to take pleasure.  You are a multi-faceted gem and if you focus on a few of those facets you will find a sense of magic.  May the spark be with you.                                                                                      

Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Magic of Not Mom But Namaste

Some of the understanding about magic that I share with you I gain from studying tales from the past about the use of magic.  Then I interpret them for modern day use.  Other times my insight comes from from my own life.  Sometimes I get a boost, an idea or something helps me do things to make my life better.  Today's post is about an aha! moment that is sure to help me.  I have been a mom a very long time.  My oldest daughter was born in 1960.  My basic stance has been one of deep love but directed towards her, not one that took my needs into account very much.  Recently she has been having some problems with anxiety. She has a mixture of concerns such as taking care of me as well as herself.  If I simply reassure her that I am perfectly capable of taking care of myself I will be denying her some of her healing.  I realized that the idea of namaste will be helpful.  Namaste refers to the idea that 'I recognize in you the divinity that I recognize in myself'. I believe it will bring a bit of magic to both our lives if I step away from the 'mom' role and explore whatever she wants to explore.  I might even learn better ways to care for myself.  Maybe I will buy some red shoes.  I don't live in a world where I would get much use out of a red hat. So I say to all wise magicians: Roles can be helpful.  But it may be good magic to explore your roles to see if they are preventing needed closeness.  May the spark be with you.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Your Magical Domain

We all have a magical domain that we have created.  I invite you to visit my domain so that you may be more aware of your own.  The most magical room in my home is my studio/office.  I have put effort into having access to the tools I most like to use.  These are my computer, my electronic keyboard and my piano.  There is also a telephone in here and books and writing materials.  I have a great love of color and so the walls have a color on them that is known as sweet tea.  More red than brown.  Light and plants are important to me.  I have the outside door open and I look out into the yard from time to time.  I take delight in the way some of the tomato plants believe they are a jungle.  Pictures and objects are in here that also help me feel at home.  Since magic is well formed I have put a lot of effort into having storage such as cupboards, files and shelves that don't intrude but have items that I may want at hand.  This is my physical domain.  A domain is also your ways of processing your ideas and choosing your actions.  My daughter called me from the hospital a few minutes ago and I pushed my cane against the door because nurture was trumping nature just then.  The yappy dogs next door were commenting on things and I wanted to hear every word she said, as well as her nuances.  I will probably do a fair amount of cooking and cleaning today because that will help me feel more in control of my life.  It will bring me a bit of security and comfort.  I will also take time to bring a bit of zing into my life.  I woke up planning a post for my other blog, www.delbert'  That is a honey bee commenting on the world of my novel that is a retell of the fairy tale Thumblina. My magical domain is made up of love, work, play and keeping discomfort at bay.  I also reach out to encourage others to do the same.  I repost on Facebook anything that pushes sanity, clear thinking and humanity. Joy is possible.  Even if it is fleeting.  I say to all wise magicians that I hope you have or will create your own magical domain. May the spark be with you.