My magic castle

My magic castle

Friday, September 28, 2012

The Magic of Carving a Path

It may seem that we are just stumbling along in life, doing the best we can from day to day.  But there is a way to make our way more successful. We can walk the path of life in better ways. If we look at what we are doing and craft and polish it we will quickly improve and become more self confident as well.  One way to polish our "doing of life" is ask ourselves why things didn't flow as well as we wanted.  Maybe it was just some little bump that we can smooth out.  For instance, I have to get my blood checked fairly often so that my warfarin dosage is right, so my blood is not too thick or thin.  Because I don't have to go in too often now, I tend to miss going into the lab when I should.  They call me and send me letters and then I feel guilty about not being on schedule.  This time I bothered to put the results letter in a pocket of my favorite calendar and mark the date to go back as well.  I'm sure I have now set up a system that will work smoothly for me. I hope that I have been learning the importance of doing this by myself but I think I really learned it from someone else.  My daughter constantly makes things smoother and I finally realized I could learn to do this as well.  I think I fully became conscious of the importance of this when she filled the bird-feeder.  I saw her sit in my chair at the table before she went out.  Then I noticed I had a better view of the birds as they fed, as she has slightly changed the position of the feeder. I say to all wise magicians: The way you do things can make a difference in your life.  Such as the path you take to work, where you keep tools and supplies, the time you allot yourself to do things, the company you keep and even the television programs you  watch.  If you carve your path well it will make your own life more magical and you may find you are leaving a legacy for others.May the spark be with you.

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