My magic castle

My magic castle

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Your Personal Magic Hat

When you have a hat on your head it is not easy to hang you head down.  There is something about a hat that makes you stand out.  I just looked at Google Images for Ascot hats.  Everyone who feels upper class enough to go to the races at Ascot wears a hat.  Some look very expensive and proper.  Silk top hats and all.  But even the men had some pretty wild hats.  It seems that an air of carnival is in the air. Some of the women's hats seem to be balancing acts.  One would certainly have to hold one's head high and proud to wear a hat like that.  So I suggest to all wise magicians that you get a hat.  It doesn't have to be real.  But a sorcerer's hat would be fun to have, wouldn't it?  What I am suggesting that you design a headpiece that is a symbol of all the wonderful, magical things you are and to which you aspire.  I have been doing some art therapy sessions at a shelter for homeless women.  This week we are going to make tiny hats to symbolize our Shom, or shoulder mom, the wise loving part of our self that encourages us to keep up the good fight.
Everyone could use a magical hat.  Think out one for yourself and wear it magically.  May the spark be with you.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

If Not Magic, Then Math

If you think of magic as a sudden burst of goodness and assurance of benefits, then you know of the times when magic does not seem close at hand.  But wise magicians know there are many ways to work magic.  The wise magician also knows that magic is always near, it is just a matter of finding the way to call it forth.  I have found that when you can't call forth that burst of joy, that fun of magic, you can resort to a more plodding way to work up to your joy.  Count the good things around you.  Surely there are interesting colors or patterns in your field of vision.  There may be at least three things that you are grateful for.  Be thankful for the air your breathe.  I believe the ancient magicians knew that you may have to prepare the way for magic.  That is why numbers are often associated with spells.  Count the small little steps you took to get ready to deal with a problem.  Even getting the courage to face an issue is worthy of a count.  Count your progress, your good memories, the ways you have worked magic in the past.  Add on the ideas that are probably now coming forth.  Subtract any urges you have towards negativity.  Divide your time between hope and confidence.  Multiply the benefits you will bring into your life and the whole world by your willingness to go for the good.  Play with numbers until you can wave a wand or your hand and bring forth magic.  May the spark be with you.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Magic is in the Moment

Monsters are big.  Even the monsters that hide in your closet or under your bed are big.  Magic bullets that can wipe out those monsters are small, but very powerful.  All too often, when we are feeling that sense of being blocked, or having a bad case of the blahs, of wanting a change right now, it is because we are trying to think big in the wrong way.  We aren't looking at the "big picture" but looking at the "big worry".  One thing to do, at that moment, is to get in the moment.  There is magic in centering.  Breathe in, shift, breathe out.  Do this several times.  Tune into your senses.  Sometimes you have to talk to yourself to get in your senses.  Say to yourself what you are sensing with your ears, then with your eyes, then with your sense of position and so on. When you can go away from the words to just your senses you will feel relaxed and centered.  That is where the possibilities, the magic, are abiding.  One time I was driving on a winter road and ice caught my wheel.  This was on the side of a mountain above a reservoir.  I was blessed by time slowing down to molasses pouring from a jar left outside on a cold day.  I had plenty of time to get back in control of my vehicle.  My focus narrowed and I was not on the dangerous dirt road I had been on.  It was just me and my friend, my car.  I don't say to all you wise magicians out there that you should ignore the big picture.  That is a necessary focus at times.  But it is an initial focus.  Then you get in the moment and small miracle by small miracle you work your magic to make life better.  May the spark be with you.