My magic castle

My magic castle

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Magic of Tiny Things

There's snow on the ground and I'm wondering how to bring a feeling of well being into my life.  I definitely need the magic of that zing and feeling content.  This is a season of big things.  Big storms, big problems in politics, big problems with health, big financial problems, big needs for improvement in ways we treat the earth and each other, big needs for maintenance and repair of our infra structure and things we have created.  The size of all these problems is almost too big to deal with.  But a wise magician does not turn away from the need for change, although it can be hard knowing where to start. But start we must or we will suffer from the guilt of holding back  There is help from the Nike slogan, 'Just do it'. Start tiny.  Very very tiny.  Meditate on a tiny thing.  Perhaps there is just one bit of visual beauty.  Make sure you focus on it.  Today I only saw two birds at the bird feeder.  But that was enough of a small good thing that my heart was peaceful and warm watching them.  Meditate by centering and focusing on tiny things.  Then go on to take one tiny step towards a better world.  I personally would be happy to see freight trains loaded with guns on the way to "be beaten into plowshares". That's too big for me but I might be able to help someone think a little more clearly about the lies they are hearing about the issues.  There might be a lot of little things I can do.  I will continue to recycle.  I will do the little things.  I will continue to energize myself by the little bits of magic I can create.  I will smile, I will enjoy the sunrise. I will plant seeds where I can.  I will bring magic to my life and to others. I hope each wise magician that reads my words finds a way to do the same.  May the spark be with you.

Friday, February 22, 2013

The Magical Power of Little Sparks

  I often feel that I need a bit of magic to get me through the day.  There may be many others out there who are just coping, just getting by.  A wise magician told me that they felt guilty at not being able to have a truly big successful, magical life.  I asked them if they had moments of love and deep satisfaction.  They said they did. Then they told me that when they do feel good they seem to be able to create big things, do wonderful work.  So I say to all you wise magicians out there: Don't worry about the big dramatic things.  Call up magic to craft your life day by day.  Give love to others and yourself.  Call out against abuse.  If you nurture the little sparks a wildfire will happen.  Grassroots movements have changed the world.  One way to help you cope is to talk things over with another.  You may feel you are dealing with deadwood but when you start a discussion clarity will come forth.  As you practice crafting and nurturing yourself and your life it will get easier and feel more natural.  Just standing up for good things by little words you are making the way clear for a wildfire of a better world to sweep across the wasteland.  Civil rights, education, women's rights,
end to corruption in government, fighting climate change.  Just speak up for your values as you will.  Every word, every thought helps. On a personal level you are setting sparks when you act to develop better habits. Don't moan over the need for big change.  Just start acting as if your sparks have caused it.  In the end they will.  May the spark be with you.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

There is Magic in Reminders

For a very, very long time people have been reminding themselves of things.  In the Old Testament of the Bible there is a passage that says to wear blue tassels to remind yourself to do good.  Strings around the finger, notes on a calendar, alarm clocks, wake up calls are some of the ways we remind ourselves to be responsible.  But I am proposing a higher type of responsibility today.  I believe we are responsible to ourselves to love and encourage ourselves.  I believe that self appreciation is magical.  I have created what might be called an imaginary friend that I call a SHOM or Shoulder Mom.  She sits on my shoulder and tells me how wonderful I am and what a good person I am for trying to do things.  I suggest to all wise magicians out there that you could also create a way to further your self appreciation.  Perhaps you might just go over the good you have done during the day, or appreciate the pitfalls you have avoided every evening.  The possibilities are endless.  Remind yourself that you are wonderful and resourceful.  Do this often and well.  It will make your life more magical.  May the spark be with you.