My magic castle

My magic castle

Friday, February 22, 2013

The Magical Power of Little Sparks

  I often feel that I need a bit of magic to get me through the day.  There may be many others out there who are just coping, just getting by.  A wise magician told me that they felt guilty at not being able to have a truly big successful, magical life.  I asked them if they had moments of love and deep satisfaction.  They said they did. Then they told me that when they do feel good they seem to be able to create big things, do wonderful work.  So I say to all you wise magicians out there: Don't worry about the big dramatic things.  Call up magic to craft your life day by day.  Give love to others and yourself.  Call out against abuse.  If you nurture the little sparks a wildfire will happen.  Grassroots movements have changed the world.  One way to help you cope is to talk things over with another.  You may feel you are dealing with deadwood but when you start a discussion clarity will come forth.  As you practice crafting and nurturing yourself and your life it will get easier and feel more natural.  Just standing up for good things by little words you are making the way clear for a wildfire of a better world to sweep across the wasteland.  Civil rights, education, women's rights,
end to corruption in government, fighting climate change.  Just speak up for your values as you will.  Every word, every thought helps. On a personal level you are setting sparks when you act to develop better habits. Don't moan over the need for big change.  Just start acting as if your sparks have caused it.  In the end they will.  May the spark be with you.

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