My magic castle

My magic castle

Monday, October 31, 2011

The Magic of The Dream

About eight months ago I began to seriously work towards something I had been saying I wanted to do for a couple of years. At first I didn't even have a clear concept of what I wanted to do. It was all a fog. I was just telling people I had to increase my income and my main resource was my ability with words. That was very unspecific. But I followed the dream in as many ways as I could. Over time things began to become more and more clear. I trusted that the dream was out there and would become clear in time. In the last month things have been manifesting to show me that I am on the right path. I finally began receiving paychecks as a tutor. Yesterday I received a certificate as a Life Coach. I will talk with the director of Colorado Free University in a couple of days about teaching a writing class there next Spring. I have the beginnings of a website In time my new life of living my dream will be full fledged. I managed to walk through the rocky fields of all the "shoulds" and realize that the "words" I wanted to push were whatever would bring magic into people's lives. Someone suggested that I offer stress management help to people. I came to understand that I would rather embrace stress, use it as a catalyst for something creative and then transcend it. I didn't want to 'manage' it or tell anyone else so to do. I am glad that even though I was in a cloud of ignorance, doubt and fear, I just kept on keeping on. I somehow knew that my inner wise magician would help me find the way. Then things started to come to me. Many opportunities seemed to appear. I don't expect it to be easy. But I do expect that the path is there to follow and that I can follow it, with the help of the field of magic that surrounds me. I suggest that following your dream or your bliss is a lot more real and possible that many people realize. I suggest that all wise magicians look to their dream, or dreams, and walk forth with majesty. May the spark be with you.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Magic Of Reception

When a person is welcomed or received into a group or a family there can be a bit of magic at work. If the reception is done well, done magically, the new member becomes a wonderful part of the group and makes the group better. A sort of synergy develops. But if the acknowledgement of the new comer is hesitant or alienating all kinds of problems can develop. An example is the way immigrants were encouraged to come to America before we were a nation. All the colonists were immigrants and without their values and energy our nation would never have happened. But today, if someone mentions immigrants there is often the unspoken questions about how they will fit into our society and whether they are legal or not. So consider how you welcome your children, your workers, your clients, your new members of your group. Do you empower them? Do you recognize how much they offer and that they possess an inner genius? Do you see them as a chance to help you grow and become more than you were? This is the magical way to receive. Blessings abound and it is wise to be open to those blessings. One way to welcome people, or even events, is to get to know the background from which they come. Be open to the stories. Share stories and become more human to each other. That can bring understanding and transcendence of strangeness. In the field of magic we are all equal and of value. So I suggest to all wise magicians that they look to what it is propitious to welcome into your life. By so doing you will also welcome blessings. May the spark be with you.

Friday, October 28, 2011

The Signs Of Magic

I have seen many videos and read articles about the Law Of Attraction. The essence of all these messages have been that the Universe will meet our desires if we are in tune and will make our desires known. This idea also can be gleaned from the Bible, and from Buddhism. I was once given a card with the words, nam myo ho renge kyo, on it. I was told that if I would chant this I would be putting myself in alignment so that the blessings that were meant for me would be able to come to me. I tried this for years and often amazingly good luck would happen to me. I think magic also works this way but it also works when you are not yet clear enough to make your desires known. Nor is magic about getting, as people sometimes fall into. It is good to have our desires met but not to approach it from a sense of poverty or need. I believe that trust and acceptance are part of being "in tune". Sometimes you will have something happen and realize that it was actually a stroke of luck because it cleared the way for other good things to fall into place.At times like that you didn't even know what to ask for, so you weren't asking, just being a bit dull or edgy. But then the magic happens and you recognize it. No matter what you like to call it, Magic, The Hand of God, The Law of Attraction, Providence, or Luck there is one thing all these have in common: It feels good. The sense of being at peace, at home, freedom or joy that comes when a problem is solved or a door is opened is one of the signs that magic has worked. Sometimes the magic is simply a more clear understanding of what you are trying to figure out. This happened to me recently. I am trying to craft and start a business (Wordmaeven) that will be public speaking, teaching, coaching. I was developing a marketing plan and deciding to whom I would reach out. Something wasn't right but I didn't know what. I asked for the spark of magic to guide me. When I realized that what I was doing would be boring to me I was able to redirect, change labels, names etc. Suddenly I felt happier and more excited about what I was doing. Rather that help people write their memoirs I realized that I wanted to help people CELEBRATE their life as part of what I was doing. So now, I call out to all wise magicians, celebrate your life. Recognize when magic comes. May the spark be with you.

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Magic of 'Beyond'

Many times in life all we can reach is that which is "good enough". But once in a while we can go beyond good enough to excellence, joy or transcendence. When a runner pushes beyond the resistance of aches and fatigue there comes the 'runner's high' which is the reward for going 'beyond'. I believe nature or the universe is set up so that "beyond" is highly rewarded. I also believe that if we never go into that higher state we will be punished. The steps we go through in our experience of a situation can be set out this way: Healing(this may just be from minor things such as boredom or it may be trauma), stability, success, celebration. As we adjust to each stage we eventually develop a drive to go on to the next stage. You may have heard of Abraham Maslow and his Hierarchy of Human Needs. He points out that if our basic needs for safety, food, etc are not being met or are endangered it is very hard to focus on higher needs like planning for the future or creating a good society. So much of our ability to go "beyond" is influenced by our perceptions. If we believe we are in danger it is hard to push beyond our fear to get to a place of joy. But once we know how to gain safety for ourselves and know that not all fears are reasonable we are better able to go into a higher realm of experience. Pain and fear may actually be stimuli that help us reach out towards joy and transcendence. They are strong feelings and make us think about the need for change. But what do we do about 'the ordinary', about boredom, about constantly being in the mundane world? I believe that the wise magician will train himself or herself to notice when things are too gray. We can then challenge ourselves to go beyond that. We can reach out into the field of magic that surrounds us on a regular basis. We can reach out for excellence, for joy, happiness and great change. If you habitually ask yourself if you can go beyond where you are at the present it will do much to create a magical life. Give more, love more, do more. May the spark be with you.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Magic of Letting Go

The other day I was very ready to have something totally gone from my life. I thought about banishment for it. Then it occured to me that if I put in all the effort of banishment I would run the danger of still having ties to it. Then I considered 'releasing it". But that had other connations rather than just being gone and erased. At last I was able to simply put my hands, palm up, to the sky and bless it and let it go. I felt such a sense of freedom that I can't even recall, at the moment, what it was I let go.
When wise magicians work to manifest good things into their life they also let go. They put energy into letting it be known what it is they want and desire. Then they release it. They trust that it will come to them and get on with their life. They know that if they agitated and worried about their desire it could well push it further away from them. So bless and let go your troubles. Bless and let go your desires. Your troubles will stay away, or at least the anxiety you have been creating about them will be gone. Your desires will fly back to you on golden wings. May the spark be with you.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Surprises of Magic

Many of my posts have been about feeling the need for magic and drawing it to you. But you must remember that magic may come to you in surprising ways. Opportunities will seem to come to you at amazing times, simply strokes of good luck. A jolt may happen that makes you laugh, then you understand that there is more to it than a moment of entertainment. Magic often clothes itself in humor. It is common for magic to occur in your life without you formally asking for it. Be open to that. Perhaps your soul or subconscious sent out a message to draw it to you. A friend may have sensed your need and responded to it. But many times synchronicity will be at work. Something good happens to you and it is a surprise. But the events that led up to that were quietly going on until the magic matched up with you. Perhaps a marvelous bargain is offered to you just as you have been about to despair of being able to afford something. Our a wonderful connection is made. Wise magicians will continue to reach out into the field of energy that is magic and draw it to them. But wise magicians will also be open to the surprises of magic. Accept gifts when they are given. May the spark be with you.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Magic of Musing

Sometimes I feel the need for magic and am not sure how to draw it to me. At times like that I use the magic wand of musing. I did that this morning and received a wonderful magical insight. I was feeling kind of down myself but was also dwelling on someone in my family who doesn't seem to feel that successful in life. I was musing on whether of not he was having his life needs met. I have often watched videos of Tony Robbins help people find ways to meet their basic human needs. One of those needs is significance. The thought occurred to me that I myself, as well as my family member, might not be feeling significant enough. Then the magic that surrounds me tapped me along side the head and said: "It's just like the shift from-'It's not how smart you are but how you are smart'- change it from 'How significant you are' to 'How you are significant'. That gave me a great feeling of magic in my life. I am significant. I can now discover the ways I am significant, the ways I matter. I hope I can find a way to help others also make this paradigm shift. We don't have to be a rock star to hear our soul sing. I suggest that all wise magicians celebrate their significance today in what ever way their soul wishes. May the spark be with you.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Games As A Tool Of Magic

One of the big problems in life is facing new and potentially dangerous, or at least fearful, situations. We need skills for these situations but don't have such skills automatically. Children understand this easily and make games out of developing necessary skills. They watch their parents and other adults and model their behavior. Soon we see them playing with dolls or other toys as they get ready for their adult roles. But what can we do as adults to meet our anxiety- causing new situations? We can use the magic of games once more. We can make a game out of looking for good behavior in people. This will help us find out that we can relate to people that formerly frightened us. We can tally up our own smallest success behaviors. This can help us gain confidence in our eventual mastery of a skill. Games are safe and allow things to be practiced and developed in small increments. I have been thinking of making up a game about my anxiety about computer technology. Every time I master a skill I am getting a sharper sword or a better weapon so I can slay the dreaded HARD TO MASTER LIST OF COMPUTER SKILLS. I gained some skill at PowerPoint so I am getting closer this week to the lair of the monster. I will prevail. To make up a game to help you face DANGER use every imaginative tool you can. Design safety places. Think up outrageous names for everything. Imagine how it will feel to become King of The Realm or a great heroine. Think up colorful, funny, or dramatic situations. Bring the energy of magic to your endeavors and learning. You will find that this will make life easier and more successful. Use play to succeed. May the spark be with you.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Where Magic Resides

Recently I had that recurring feeling of a need for a bit of zing in my life, for a connection with magic. That evening I went to a meeting of Colorado Dramatists,a critique group of playwrights. The member who needed a critique was in Austin, Texas but needed to get feedback for a couple of short plays he had been requested to write for a theater in London, England. We set up our session so the author could interact with us over speaker phone. We did a reading of his plays then discussed our suggestions with him. During this time and during the visiting among ourselves later, discussing past enterprises of Colorado Dramatists, I realized the room was full of magic. There were eight of us, if you counted the member in Austin, who were all highly creative and happy to be so. Different things each of us had to deal with were mentioned and suggestions or appreciations were given. But even when problems were discussed the sense of 'life is good' was there. Since then I have had several other times where I have had the same experience: that life is interesting and worthwhile and even fun, no matter what. Being around others and sharing experiences with them enriches my own sense of being in an energy field of magic. Humans are social beings. Not only do we need people to survive but also to thrive. A sense of joy and well being is more apt to develop if we spend time among friends. So I do hope that all the wise magicians who read this will let social connections help bring magic to life. May the spark be with you.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What Is Your Best Use Of Magic?

I have been asking people what they would like to have if a genie or a magic wand could be used to grant them their greatest wish. Some named something like a car, a house, or a better job. But many people wanted a greater understanding of the way they could do things for themselves, or to discover an idea that would help them make the progress they desired. This made me believe that the best use of magic is greater power for ourselves in the form of ideas or inspiration. I know that is how I like to have things happen for me. I will be feeling like I have a block or a problem. Then I reach out to the magic that surrounds me, that which some people call The Source, and things seem to open up. An idea that I needed, or a better belief in myself, which I also needed, comes to me. I do have to admit that once in a while a marvelous coincidence or great piece of luck does come my way. Sometimes a bit of trouble happens, but because of the timing of it or the people that are around me it turns out to be not such a great disaster. Those times seems to be gifts from the Universe, ones I didn't know to ask for. At times like this I again realize that Magic is well formed. Even if the way we want to control it is not so well formed. Sometimes we have to put out our intentions and desires then stand back, in trust, to accept the goodness, what ever shape or form in which it manifests, that comes our way. So look to your desires. Then wish for the magical ideas and energy that will come your way. They will show up if you call for them. May the spark be with you.

Monday, October 3, 2011

The Magic of Positive 'Shoulds'

I admit I cringed a bit when I first considered the title of this post. Far too many times people have tried to "fix" me or give unwelcome and bad advice starting out with "You should". But a wise magician can choose to rewire his or her brain by developing new habits. It is not easy but in time it will get easier to do things you have decided you should do. I am reminded of the first and second laws of Buddha: Life is hard but if you admit it and quit resisting, things get easier. I suppose that is why some women can accomplish so much when they have a family and a career. They have spent years buckling down and getting things done. I think of my sister, JoLynn Kirkwood, Cowboy Poet, Teacher, Mother, and Farm Wife as having four careers. Whenever I visit her or talk to her on the phone she is smoothly accomplishing things. It might be zucchini bread for the freezer, canning peaches from trees they have on the farm, or getting ready to go to an event in which she presents the poetry she writes about rural life.
The key concept in using 'shoulds' is freedom of choice. A habit stays with you a long time. Be careful of the ones you develop. Some people have practiced nastiness so long it is second nature. But with focus, setting yourself up to expect change to happen and keeping at it in persistent bits and pieces you can bring positive shoulds into your life. But they are your shoulds, not imposed on you from someone else. I wish you magic in creating the life you want. May the spark be with you.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Systems and Magic

We are often taught that the first step of the problem solving method is to identify the problem. But this is not necessarily easy. The problem may be a big complex one made up of many small problems. Or the stress around the problem makes it hard to approach in a logical manner.
This is where the tool of creating systems may be helpful. Impose a system on the problem and see what you find out. You may think you were working with categories that turn out to be the wrong ones. But you find this out by putting things into their categories and they don't fit. Remember, one of the first principles of magic is that it is well formed. If something doesn't work try something else. That is even a principle of mathematics. George Polya taught that if a problem couldn't be solved you could solve a similar problem and that might teach you enough to go back to the original problem and solve that, in his book from 1945 "How to Solve It."
Putting things is order, even if it isn't the right order, can be soothing and relieve some of the stress you may be feeling. If I am feeling a bit of writer's block I go back through my notes or organize my desk. That often lets an idea percolate and I am able to get back to my creative work.
I tutor in a lab for community college students preparing for a test they have to pass to get admitted to a certain program they want. I assign them books from which to study and they have to keep them in a drawer in a file cabinet in the room. I had been noticing that it was taking a long time for students to find their assigned book. I was wondering how I could use the numbers marked on them to make this easier. But one of the students took it on himself to lay the books a certain way, with the numbers showing as a brand, or identifying mark, not as being in any special numerical order. Since then no one has had any particular problem finding their book. His simple system of making the books lay all the same way was all it took.
You can use this idea of using systems to bring magic into your life. Make a list of the joys you are experiencing, of the magic you already have brought to yourself. Make a list of your strengths and how you can celebrate them to bring more purpose, joy and flair into your life or to others. Tweak a bit here, pat a bit there. A system must always serve the greater purpose, never be in place just for the sake of being a system. Find your own system, your own sense of purpose and order. Perhaps you are highly visual and need shelves rather than file drawers. Or perhaps clear pockets hung on a wall would work for your office. When you sense a problem reach out to the magic that surrounds you, take a breath of comfort or fun, and drop a bit of system on that problem. If a simple system doesn't solve it you may find that you have gotten a start on it at least. May the spark be with you.