My magic castle

My magic castle

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Where Magic Resides

Recently I had that recurring feeling of a need for a bit of zing in my life, for a connection with magic. That evening I went to a meeting of Colorado Dramatists,a critique group of playwrights. The member who needed a critique was in Austin, Texas but needed to get feedback for a couple of short plays he had been requested to write for a theater in London, England. We set up our session so the author could interact with us over speaker phone. We did a reading of his plays then discussed our suggestions with him. During this time and during the visiting among ourselves later, discussing past enterprises of Colorado Dramatists, I realized the room was full of magic. There were eight of us, if you counted the member in Austin, who were all highly creative and happy to be so. Different things each of us had to deal with were mentioned and suggestions or appreciations were given. But even when problems were discussed the sense of 'life is good' was there. Since then I have had several other times where I have had the same experience: that life is interesting and worthwhile and even fun, no matter what. Being around others and sharing experiences with them enriches my own sense of being in an energy field of magic. Humans are social beings. Not only do we need people to survive but also to thrive. A sense of joy and well being is more apt to develop if we spend time among friends. So I do hope that all the wise magicians who read this will let social connections help bring magic to life. May the spark be with you.

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