My magic castle

My magic castle

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Magic of Letting Go

The other day I was very ready to have something totally gone from my life. I thought about banishment for it. Then it occured to me that if I put in all the effort of banishment I would run the danger of still having ties to it. Then I considered 'releasing it". But that had other connations rather than just being gone and erased. At last I was able to simply put my hands, palm up, to the sky and bless it and let it go. I felt such a sense of freedom that I can't even recall, at the moment, what it was I let go.
When wise magicians work to manifest good things into their life they also let go. They put energy into letting it be known what it is they want and desire. Then they release it. They trust that it will come to them and get on with their life. They know that if they agitated and worried about their desire it could well push it further away from them. So bless and let go your troubles. Bless and let go your desires. Your troubles will stay away, or at least the anxiety you have been creating about them will be gone. Your desires will fly back to you on golden wings. May the spark be with you.

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