My magic castle

My magic castle

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Games As A Tool Of Magic

One of the big problems in life is facing new and potentially dangerous, or at least fearful, situations. We need skills for these situations but don't have such skills automatically. Children understand this easily and make games out of developing necessary skills. They watch their parents and other adults and model their behavior. Soon we see them playing with dolls or other toys as they get ready for their adult roles. But what can we do as adults to meet our anxiety- causing new situations? We can use the magic of games once more. We can make a game out of looking for good behavior in people. This will help us find out that we can relate to people that formerly frightened us. We can tally up our own smallest success behaviors. This can help us gain confidence in our eventual mastery of a skill. Games are safe and allow things to be practiced and developed in small increments. I have been thinking of making up a game about my anxiety about computer technology. Every time I master a skill I am getting a sharper sword or a better weapon so I can slay the dreaded HARD TO MASTER LIST OF COMPUTER SKILLS. I gained some skill at PowerPoint so I am getting closer this week to the lair of the monster. I will prevail. To make up a game to help you face DANGER use every imaginative tool you can. Design safety places. Think up outrageous names for everything. Imagine how it will feel to become King of The Realm or a great heroine. Think up colorful, funny, or dramatic situations. Bring the energy of magic to your endeavors and learning. You will find that this will make life easier and more successful. Use play to succeed. May the spark be with you.

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