My magic castle

My magic castle

Monday, June 27, 2011

The Magic Of Changing Your Brain Waves

The wise magician must know how to get into the right world or zone. It is important to have the right brain waves going for the right task. Several decades ago people sang and spoke about good vibrations. They were closer to the truth than was realized at the time. Scientists can measure the speed of our brain waves in hertz. I haven't yet discovered the speed range for the fastest waves, gamma, but the range after that is beta (above 13 hz) , alpha (8-12 hz), theta (4-8 hz), and delta( sleep at .5-3.5 hz). Gamma and beta are the wake up and get with it states. Beta is the normal awake state. Alpha is very right brain and open to insight and inspiration. Theta is even more so. I have known for years that to simply tip your head back, roll your eyes up and voila! you would access the alpha state. When I earned my certificate in hypnotism we learned to help people access the alpha state easily. I also knew that the largo movements of baroque music could be listened to prior to study and the material would be more easily absorbed. That is music by Haydn, Handel and others of that period. The metronome setting for that music is about 60 mm. That's why listening to a clock can be soothing to some. Recently I discovered that You Tube has videos of music to help induce beta and gamma waves as well. Great help for waking up. So I suggest that as a wise magician it is well for you to know your mind, and the state you are in, as well as the state it would be well for you to be in. Use music or magic to wake up. Create a better life for yourself. May the spark be with you.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Magic Of Kindness

Just thinking about an act of kindness that you have received or committed can warm your heart. It can give you that actual feeling of warmth in your core. Then you may feel the corners of your mouth go up. That is why I refer to kindness as magic. It has the extra valance of beauty or zing connected to it that gives it an extra dimension. A simple act of kindness can energize a person for a long time. A simple hug can increase our red blood cells and actually be part of the environment we need to survive. It has long been known that babies who are not touched, not cuddled enough, will not thrive. Kindness is not just a human thing. You can often view videos on You Tube about the kindnesses animals do for other animals, even if the species are different than their own. The mantra to commit random acts of kindness is a good one. A wise magician will program himself or herself to commit acts of beauty and kindness throughout the day. Scatter magic where and when you will. They are like seeds and will take root in the hearts of others. They will also make your heart glad and actually more physically healthy. Kindness pushes away stress. Kindness also pushes away fear. Kindness is an outward thing, whereas fear is an inward thing. In your joyful scattering of the seeds of kindness you will be wise to remember to be kind to yourself. Stop for a moment and listen to the song of the birds, smell the flowers, savor beauty and all that is pleasant. Then be grateful that this is part of your world. Kindness seems to be a 'karma' thing. If you are kind to the world it is likely that the world will be kind to you. So indulge in the magic of kindness. May the spark be with you.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Magic Of Ritual

We are taught that good habits and good routines will help our lives run more smoothly. I have no doubt that is so. But since adding magic to our life is about adding a deeper, more fulfilling dimension I would suggest that we also need good rituals. The difference between ritual and routine is that rituals have mindfulness. A ritual is enacted to remind us that depth, the sacred, beauty, magic, love and so on are meant to be part of our life. Look around as see where you can add rituals to your life in order to affirm glory or joy. It doesn't have to be complex or hard. Some simple action that helps you remember that life is or can be wonderful. For me, when I spend time organizing my work area I seem to be involved in a ritual of sorts. On my mind all of the time I am sorting papers and finding the right places for things is the thought of how much I love ideas and my desire to share positive ideas with other people. Then from time to time I discover some gem, like some thought I had jotted down that I had forgotten. It now seems fresh and exciting to me. A ritual contains the idea 'start out as you mean to go on'. So when you get in your car and run through a few safety checks like making sure your seat belt is on, that your mirrors are well adjusted and that the way is clear, you are doing a ritual that will carry the idea of safe driving with you. Even saying 'good morning' or 'good night' can be rituals. We do wish that the day or the night will be well. If you have routines that can be upgraded to rituals with a bit of mindful attention, go ahead and do that. We are wise magicians who bring the extra dimension into our life in whatever way we can. May the spark be with you.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Magic Of Fathering

Traditionally the father is the figure that makes it safe for the child in the world and then helps the child transition to take his or her place in the world. Today is Father's Day, June 19, 2011. I think many would say that the world needs more fathers. Each wise magician can take on part of this task. What can you do to make the world safe for yourself or others? If you reflect on this concept many ideas are sure to occur, from politics, to social activities, to encouraging green living. Can you act as your own father and find a more nurturing life style for yourself? Or in acting as your own father, can you become more powerful in your world? Can you create situations in which you can act with more effect and power? Can you make your voice be heard in better ways? Reach out to the magic that surround you for wisdom and energy. Then invoke the father power in yourself, even if you are a woman. If you have decided to father yourself or someone else, take on the challenge of looking at the situation in which you or they live. What needs to be done to create a more effective member of the world? Knowledge, confidence and wisdom are character traits that can be nurtured and developed. Do your part for education, self-esteem and introspection. This can be a wonderful world. Be a wise magician and work your magic to make it so. May the spark be with you.

Friday, June 17, 2011

The Magic of Inventory

There are times in magically crafting the life we want we may suspect there are holes in our fabric, that we have failed ourselves somehow. Or we may have lingering echos of negative comments from toxic people from our past. That is a good time to stop and take inventory. To see what may be missing and to accept the wonderful things that are in our life as well. People who have Attention Deficit Disorder especially need to take inventory in order to work toward balance in their life. However, every wise magician would do well to do a bit of introspection from time to time. Remember, magic is well formed. The loving crafting of our life is what makes it magical. Details such as remembering to 'stop and smell the roses' or to list the things for which we are grateful. In addition, when we take inventory we are able to discover the next 'mission of the day', the thing which we must become involved with enough that we can actually get it done. Many times we may put something on our do list, only to find it still there day after day. It won't do itself. We have to focus on it, break it down into doable steps and get it done. Focus can mean mental rehearsal as well as the actual doing. Remember the way races were started off when you were a child? "Ready, set, go!" So take the challenge, do an inventory. Take time to do the 'ready' part of getting into the project. Find the glories and the worries. Then nurture the glories and prioritize the worries. Get ready to face the task that bothers you. See yourself doing it until you actually have started on it. That is one of the uses of the calendar that so many of us ignore. Look ahead to see what you have to start getting ready to start. Don 't let your inventory get you down. Reach out to the magic that surrounds you for a bit of that energy and zing. Then sit down for your inventory. There may be treasures in your list. You also may find that by doing your inventory you are better able to keep some of your treasures a bit better. May the spark be with you.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Magic Of Plants

Plants are vital to us for our food and medicine and more. But for the magical bit of zing that we need to keep us energized emotionally plants have a little bit of extra magic. I don't really believe someone can hold on to a dour mood while sitting by a rose bush in full bloom. They say 'stop and smell the roses' as a way of fighting stress. Take the time and trouble to nurture yourself by smelling and touching and looking at beautiful flowers and other plants. Your inner self will thank you and help you hook into the magic that is around you a little more easily.
As you look at your garden and appreciate the plants let your awareness grow. Let the sound of birds come through to you. Then the softness of the evening air. You world will spread in awareness and the little worries you had will vanish. If you let yourself go into an alpha state at this point you will be able to master or solve many problems in your life. So let the flowers of Summer help you transform you and thus your world. Reach out to the magic that surrounds you. May the spark be with you.