My magic castle

My magic castle

Monday, September 26, 2011

Principles of Magic, Big to Little and Little to Big

I think that my blog, to a great extent, is a gentle urging to people, wise magicians, to leave the school of hard knocks and start their own success school. Sometimes clues for this magical creation can be found in big ideas that boil down to little gems. Sometimes an idea comes from a little bit of information that has huge implications and applications. I was recently reading research about PTSD and trauma recovery. One of the things a therapist was encouraged to do was to listen to the client about their trauma until it had been completely processed. I then thought how a person's day can seem traumatic, although on a lesser level. It is good for them to have someone to listen to until they really get if off their chest. It may take a while for a person to really hear themselves and this is done more completely when they have a listening ear, that is a loving ear, to talk to. I used to say that I liked to talk about something until I heard myself and then a bit more until I bored myself and could move on. There is a technique that can be used when you want to get things off your chest, don't have someone to talk to at the moment, and want to keep track of the development of the insights as you gripe. This technique can be called "The Kvetch". One way to do this is to draw a line down a piece of paper so you have a bigger than usual side column. Then, in the main part of the paper, you begin your griping. Make it intense. Start out with terms like: Woe is me....I always...I never.... Do all the awfulizing you want. When you have processed the emotions of the gripe you may start to find humor in the maudlin way you are carrying on. Increase that until you can actually smile or chuckle. Then go back and in the big column that is still blank note the real problems for which you can find solutions. Plan the steps needed to get those solutions. A little thing like pen and paper can help you find ways to make big changes. Start small to go big. You can make big changes in your life. Let the energy and principles of magic help you. May the spark be with you.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Movement and Magic

When I started to think about movement all kinds of ideas came to me about change, and making things better in life. I invite you to spend a few minutes letting ideas of dance, improvement, color, flow, change for the better, rhythm and whatever else you want to visit come to you.
Many times we need a shift. Maybe our whole life is feeling blocked, if not just our creative ideas. You can get a shift by simply changing the position of your body. Tipping your face to the sun, standing shoulder to shoulder with a friend, pulling yourself up by your bootstraps, putting your hand on a shoulder in caring, bending your head to listen. These are all expressions that stand for movement of the body and movement in emotional states. Many metaphors will occur to you now that I have opened the door to the idea. So if you want a change in your life do some movement to make it so. Get off the couch (movement), reach for the stars (movement), find your pathway( movement). My intention here is to call out to all wise magicians to realize that we are beings of mind, body and soul and that magic is in us. Sometimes we must heal and soothe ourselves with with rhythmic movement. Sometimes we give ourselves a nudge. Do what it takes to let the magic that surrounds us come into your life. Move into something joyous and good. May the spark be with you.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lay Claim to What You Want And Make It Your Own

I have found it to be powerful to claim something. Once something is claimed you feel more invested in it, you find ways to work towards it without even thinking about it and you find yourself making the needed adjustments to accept it emotionally. I began claiming my abundance a few months ago and I have been getting more work, more opportunities at work, more clients and more bargains as well. I claimed more ability in computer use and suddenly things occurred in my
life that forced me to develop new skills to meet these new situations. Things I was weak in kept occurring until I could use my new skill with ease. When you claim something you choose it. Research in positive psychology shows that people who choose to be happy find ways to be happy. Interaction opens up between the happiness seeker and the world of happiness. If a person wants to stay in the world of doom and gloom they will not be open to learning about the way the reptilian part of the brain is wired to look out for danger, keeping one on edge and allowing negative thoughts in. But if they are seeking happiness they will welcome the information that the amygdala is only doing its part in sending fear thoughts and our higher parts of the brain can check out the reality of those thoughts and them lay claim to feeling of calmness and happiness. It is the higher part of the brain that can take in a fact, see it as good and then create a good feeling from that. So, wise magicians, I call on you to look for your purpose in life, to look for what would make you feel great satisfaction and lay claim to this new aspect of your life. Claim it and it will be yours. May the spark be with you.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Recent Proof of Magic

Yesterday I found myself telling small stories from my life that involved coincidence a couple of times. They just seemed to come up in conversation and seemed good for a laugh or a bit of sharing among friends. But my awareness of the idea of coincidence caused me to notice an item by Depak Chopra about coincidence in an e-newsletter to which I subscribe. I was about to read it when it seemed more important to call a young girl I've known all her life and is very important to me. We hadn't been very much in touch lately and I wanted to make sure I talked with her about doing something for her birthday. When she answered the phone she was crying. She had had a problem at work and was brokenhearted about it. I was able to comfort her and share her tears until her father arrived to take her home. Then I wiped my eyes and went back to my reading. Dr. Chopra said that coincidences seem to be messages from the higher aspect of life to help us become more aware of our purpose in life. I often refer to the field of magic as a special goodness in life that is outside of ourselves. I felt that the field of magic had touched me in being able to give love to this girl. It seems that lately I am constantly having contact with women younger than myself at times when I can help them be stronger in themselves. Of course at this time the depth of my love for this girl caused me to think about the article more than I might have otherwise. The coincidence of the article appearing at the time of my phone call did seem to give me a deeper understanding of what I am passionate about. I hope that you will also have a happy coincidence in your life that will help you be aware of a deeper, more profound existence that awaits you. May the spark be with you.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Magic And Responsibility

Responsibility is absolutely key to working magic. Now I have to pause and laugh because a visual picture or movie clip just came to me. Remember Mickey Mouse in the Sorcerer's Apprentice? He wasn't responsible about his magic and got himself into a lot of trouble. But he learned by doing. He learned he didn't have all the skills he needed. The ability to respond is a wonderful thing. The ability to decide what to respond to is also a wonderful thing. Deciding is a big part of responsibility. A person, or wise magician, can decide to delay an emotional reaction. A decision can be made to energize oneself to face an important task. A decision can be made as to how to approach a certain problem. Responsibility is basically deciding what you want to happen and doing what you can to cause that to happen. The wise magician is the one in charge. Being in charge doesn't just mean being in charge of the situation or project. You also must be in charge of yourself. You must use your critical thinking skills. One aspect of critical thinking is self regulation. You must regulate yourself by nurturing yourself when needed, by feeding yourself well, by noticing when your biases are causing you to go against your higher values, by drawing out your ideas and questions.
Some people may be afraid of the whole idea of responsibility, thinking of how hard is is to pay rent, go to work every day and so on. The wise magician will choose a task or project, such as raising a family, to be responsible for. Then the wise magician will act or respond to the needs of that situation in ways that will bring about success. Creativity, choosing happiness and hooking into the energy of magic will all be helpful in bringing about that success. Choosing to do a certain thing, or to nurture something does not need to be a burden. If it is your wholehearted choice you will find ways to get through the hard times. Magic will help. May the spark be with you.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Magic Of Community

Tomorrow is the tenth anniversary of a terrible event, the terrorist attack of 9/11. The deaths of victims and first responders, as well as the continuing health problems of those who tried to help, is a greater tragedy than many across the nation can actually comprehend. In addition there are other things that resulted from the events of that day that have sad consequences. Last night I watched a news report about children whose fathers had been killed in that disaster just before they were born, so these children had never known those fathers.These children seemed to be dedicated to looking to the heroic aspects of their father's lives and trying to manifest that in themselves. It was quite inspirational.
There is a good likelihood that some of the wounds of that terrible day will never heal. One objective of terrorist acts is to disrupt and isolate, to cause great fear and hopelessness. But that has not totally happened in our nation. I can't say it hasn't happened at all. A lot of walls went up and certain civil liberties were damaged. But the community, the sense of caring that has also developed as an aftermath of that terrible event has had an enriching and beneficial effect. Community, openness about pain and fear, reaching out for healing, being willing to help are all aspects of what I see as a magical life. Tomorrow I will make an especial effort to reach out to others around me to alleviate their loneliness and fear that they can never achieve their life's dreams. I invite you, as wise magicians, to do the same. May the spark be with you.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Magic Of Taking Yourself Seriously

Many times a person will get an idea that seems to be really good or even have a spark of genius to it. Most everybody will consider such an idea for a moment or two before letting it slip away. The luckier ideas will be shared with a friend or two before they too are allowed to go to idea limbo. But the ideas of a wise magician, one who takes them self seriously are accepted, evaluated, questioned, critiqued, perhaps filed for later action, and acted upon. This is not an easy thing to do. It is much easier to just say to oneself, "Boy, do I get some good ideas from time to time," then go on about tasks of daily life. The wise magician knows that a good idea may not be good enough for current purposes or may need to be followed until broader implications are made visible or conscious. But a good idea can lead to wonderful things for yourself and others. It can make life magical. In third world countries many people are now working to develop and implement 'appropriate technologies'. These are simple good ideas that don't require a lot of unavailable technology to implement. Simple heating devices to cook food, ways to purify water and ways to bring illumination to dark places are among some of the technologies I have read about recently. The plastic bottle light bulb is one such idea. A plastic bottle, such as that containing soda, is filled with water and a bit of bleach. Then it is inserted into a hole in the roof in order to be part of the ceiling in the room below. The refraction properties of water cause that bottle to give off as much light as a 50 watt bulb. Several of them can light a room quite well. Properly sealed and inserted, it will give good light for years. Some times ideas come so hard and fast that it is hard to keep up with them. I am not advocating that we act on every idea. However, when we are having a brain storm many of these ideas will have a common theme. Look for the message behind these ideas, follow the thread and find the essence of the great idea that is trying to come through. Do not shut down your creative self. It yearns to serve you and bring magic to your life or perhaps the lives of others. Take your ideas seriously and you will bring a better life to yourself. You will bring yourself magic. May the spark be with you.

Monday, September 5, 2011

The Magic Of Leadership

Except for Professor Dumbledore in Harry Potter a magician or wizard is seldom seen as a leader. Instead, they just seem to act on the material world such as turning lead to gold. But when you think about it, leadership is indeed a high sort of magic. A lump of clay, or couch potato, becomes inspired and does great good in the world. Leaders are the ones who inspire and give others a sense of wanting to accomplish great tasks. They can exist anywhere in an organization. They don't have to have any formal designated power. In fact there are times when a person in a managerial position is so busy keeping track and controlling that actual productivity is stifled.
Leadership can refer to leadership of self and others. When you lead yourself you nurture, accept, choose goals, give yourself rewards along the way to the goal just as a great general or leader would do for his or her followers. In thinking about qualities of leadership you must remember that high visibility is not necessarily a needed quality of a good leader. A racehorse may be said to be leading the pack but that horse is not the inspiration for the other horses to run. They are running because they love to run and because of the encouragement of their jockey. A figurehead is not necessarily a leader. Inspiration is the key in leadership. Grassroots movements such as that which lead to the independence of India, lead my Mahatma Gandhi, are based on actions taken by large numbers of people inspired to a common purpose. So my suggestion for the day is this: Think about good actions that need to be taken by yourself or others. Then reach out to the magic that surrounds you for energy. Use that energy to inspire yourself or others to bring about a better life. May the spark be with you.