My magic castle

My magic castle

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lay Claim to What You Want And Make It Your Own

I have found it to be powerful to claim something. Once something is claimed you feel more invested in it, you find ways to work towards it without even thinking about it and you find yourself making the needed adjustments to accept it emotionally. I began claiming my abundance a few months ago and I have been getting more work, more opportunities at work, more clients and more bargains as well. I claimed more ability in computer use and suddenly things occurred in my
life that forced me to develop new skills to meet these new situations. Things I was weak in kept occurring until I could use my new skill with ease. When you claim something you choose it. Research in positive psychology shows that people who choose to be happy find ways to be happy. Interaction opens up between the happiness seeker and the world of happiness. If a person wants to stay in the world of doom and gloom they will not be open to learning about the way the reptilian part of the brain is wired to look out for danger, keeping one on edge and allowing negative thoughts in. But if they are seeking happiness they will welcome the information that the amygdala is only doing its part in sending fear thoughts and our higher parts of the brain can check out the reality of those thoughts and them lay claim to feeling of calmness and happiness. It is the higher part of the brain that can take in a fact, see it as good and then create a good feeling from that. So, wise magicians, I call on you to look for your purpose in life, to look for what would make you feel great satisfaction and lay claim to this new aspect of your life. Claim it and it will be yours. May the spark be with you.

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