My magic castle

My magic castle

Friday, September 23, 2011

Movement and Magic

When I started to think about movement all kinds of ideas came to me about change, and making things better in life. I invite you to spend a few minutes letting ideas of dance, improvement, color, flow, change for the better, rhythm and whatever else you want to visit come to you.
Many times we need a shift. Maybe our whole life is feeling blocked, if not just our creative ideas. You can get a shift by simply changing the position of your body. Tipping your face to the sun, standing shoulder to shoulder with a friend, pulling yourself up by your bootstraps, putting your hand on a shoulder in caring, bending your head to listen. These are all expressions that stand for movement of the body and movement in emotional states. Many metaphors will occur to you now that I have opened the door to the idea. So if you want a change in your life do some movement to make it so. Get off the couch (movement), reach for the stars (movement), find your pathway( movement). My intention here is to call out to all wise magicians to realize that we are beings of mind, body and soul and that magic is in us. Sometimes we must heal and soothe ourselves with with rhythmic movement. Sometimes we give ourselves a nudge. Do what it takes to let the magic that surrounds us come into your life. Move into something joyous and good. May the spark be with you.

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