My magic castle

My magic castle

Friday, May 14, 2010

The Magic Of Saying No To Stupid

Humans learn by doing so it is inevitable we will make mistakes. We can't be smart until we know what we are doing. But once we find out something doesn't work it is very stupid to keep on doing that. But stupid has a strong pull. Sometimes we don't take time to think something over, we just hear other people throwing a loud temper tantrum and we jump on the band wagon. Recently there have been a lot of demonstrators around the world, that have been fairly stupid in the way they were demonstrating. They couldn't seem to stand back and think clearly. In Colorado a few years ago demonstrators were hollering out "Say No To English Only!" Problem was no one was pushing English only. At the time there was no designated legal language for Colorado. Documents could be filed in any language, without any call for translation. So the Legislature designated English as the legal language of Colorado. No one stopped stores from hiring bi-lingual clerks, signs still stood outside businesses saying 'si venden aqui'. I used Spanish with my workers. When you wake up and say "That is stupid" it gives you energy to stop being stupid. An easy way to catch on that you are engaging in stupid is to be self-loving and aware during your conversations with friends or when you journal. Stupid may have a pull but it is not a black hole. Let the spark of magic help you wake up and say "No" to stupid. It will make your life better. May the spark be with you.

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