My magic castle

My magic castle

Monday, May 31, 2010

The Magic Of Juxtaposition

For over a month I've been wanting to focus on a particular writing project and finding barrier after barrier thrown in my way. Yesterday I was finally able to sit down, supposedly freely, to the project and it just wouldn't flow. I woke up this morning determined not to be stressed about it but still a bit on edge. Then I decided to use some of the brain storming tools I've learned. One of which is juxtaposition, or pairings. This project is a second chapter and I needed to introduce a character who is important but had no place in the first chapter. Yet I felt that there needed to be less isolation between the two. When I asked my muse if there was a way to show connection that made sense I realized I could have a character in the second chapter mention a character in the first. This would open things up for a lot of events down the line to fall into place much more easily. Putting things in proximity has a lot of uses. In graduate school I often found ways to get double duty out of research so I could get papers turned in for different classes by the way I would pair ideas or spin things off from one idea to another. So if you are feeling stressed about a goal, face your problem with logic and magic. See if an unusual pairing might not open up doors for your creativity. May the spark be with you.

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