My magic castle

My magic castle

Monday, May 24, 2010

The Magic Of Persistance

We have already enjoyed fresh spinach from our garden. Other seeds and plants are growing. Once a seed starts it never stops unless something drastic gets in the way. It is the same with creative endeavors and with healing. It is important to keep on keeping on. Ideas are like water, they will find any hole at all to seep through. It may seem unusual that I am linking creativity with trauma recovery. But I do believe the creative soul wants to blossom, to express itself in ways that will heal and enrich life. The beauty of the full product can then be appreciated in a way that heals the original wound or trauma. Often the themes we deal with in creative work are themes about things we think are wrong with the world. Discrimination is one of the themes I write about often. I have seen too much of it too often. I cheer when the oppressed stand up for themselves. I cheer when others give a helping hand to the oppressed. I dislike bullies, especially ones who clothe themselves in the robes of the righteous. Your inner self is probably already pushing you to make a statement about your dreams and ideals in many little ways. May the spark of magic give you the energy to reach out more fully. The world deserves to be a better place. Never give up in your efforts to make it so. May the spark be with you.

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