My magic castle

My magic castle

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Putting On Fairy Armor

The world of Thimblewyck is the world I write about the most. The most courageous fairy there is the one who rescued Lina from being consumed by fire before she was even born. I suspect that Lord Windom should dub him Sir Marus and confer knighthood on him. If someone were to ask Marus how he protects himself, if he puts on armor, this is what I suspect he would say. "Fairies are very small creatures and they can get out of the way and hide from danger a lot of the time. It is unlikely I would ever want to wear metal armor to protect me because it would be so heavy I couldn't fly. Fairies really need to soar. It makes their soul happy. I find that the things that are the most dangerous to me are the negative thoughts and ideas that are sent my way from humans. So when I am going to spend a lot of time around humans I have a ritual of putting on my protection, or fairy armor. First I shield my eyes. If I see someone frown I do not need to take it personally. I can instead use my eyes to appreciate the color or their hair or the shape of their head, or perhaps the tone of their skin color. Then I put fairy armor on my ears. If I hear them being negative or being stupid I can choose to hear the way their voice might sound if they were singing or laughing instead. If they say something to try and insult me or hurt me I know they are just mortals. I know best about what I am like down inside. What they say is no more important than loose wind. Sometimes I listen to the hurt that causes the negative words and later I may say something to bring healing to them, if I choose. I shield my mind. I will not cause myself pain by another person's words. The same with my heart. I put a spell on my tongue so that I don't slip and cause pain to another. Then I glorify my wings and my feet. That way I can blithely skip or fly away from negative words or ideas. Then I put a healing spell in my pouch. That is to do this: take a good fact and turn it into a good experience. Let that heal the little wounds. Then milk it enough that some of that experience can seep down into your heart to heal old wounds. This is the magic armor I sometimes wear." May you follow the example of the fairy Marus. Reach out for the spark of magic to put on your fairy armor when needed. May the spark be with you.

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