My magic castle

My magic castle

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Magic Of Recognizing Panic

Panic, and it's little cousin anxiety, is prevalent and ubiquitous. It is also insidious and powerful. We must fight it long term and short term. I remember times I have read something wrong because of an anxious mind set. Later when I looked at it again I was amazed at my mistake. Knowing how much panic can influence us can be a magical tool in recognizing and fighting it. All the things about deep breathing, taking a break and so on are true for the short term battle. Another technique is to 'change the channel'. If you are feeling panic you are sending yourself disaster messages in one or another of your senses. You may be experiencing fear of heights by picturing a fall as you cross a bridge. Switch the channel, jam the visual by singing or tightening and relaxing muscles. You may be running an aural tape, chattering away with negative voices. Jam that channel by looking up towards the sky and get into the visual channel. Panic comes from a combination of experience and interpretation of that experience and is a misuse of our time. If you can work to make the "I AM" decision, knowing that every second you are an individual of worth just by being alive, you can work to destroy your time-traveling panic tapes. It will take work but is not beyond the dedicated self loving person. Paying attention to sensory input helps you center and stay in the moment. Panic doesn't belong in that moment. If there was real danger you would be acting to avoid it, not nattering away to yourself about imagined hurts or such. So reach out for the energy from the spark of magic when you feel the physical sensations of negativity. Calm down. Get in the moment. All panic does is mess you up. There may need to be changes made. But it takes a clear head to decide what the good empowering change should be. So recognize panic and take away its power over you. You have yourself to help you. And the spark. May the spark be with you.

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