My magic castle

My magic castle

Friday, May 21, 2010

The Magic Of Adventure

You deserve magical adventures. They are a lot more fun, more growth producing and easier to get than absolute safety and security. Sit back and imagine total security. Doesn't it smother you just a bit? Now think of being surprised by some great idea, by someone showing a talent you didn't suspect, by a lovely view. Isn't that a lot more fun? Stability and serenity are good. But if you clutch at absolute security you will upset your stability and serenity. Let go. You have more ability to be secure within yourself than you probably realize. Trust that. Look for the surprises, the times you understand something new, the times you realize something doesn't make sense no matter what someone else tells you, the way old patterns can be rearranged into new patterns and the things that make you smile. If you will do this you will be opening yourself up to adventure. Adventures happen whether you take a trip or not. If you reject them you won't see them even if you go on a wild safari. You can change things in yourself and by yourself, or you can find others who can help you make changes. But if you cower in the dark and complain about an imperfect world and that someone else should make it better, you have no chance at warming yourself at the campfire of any adventure or at the spark of magic that will try to find you. Open up to adventure. May the spark be with you.

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