My magic castle

My magic castle

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Magic Of Self Creation

Have you heard the saying "As a man thinketh so he is"? A lot of research is now coming out that we have a lot more to do with forming ourselves than was previously known. Fear helps us survive. We do need to watch out for dangers. Happiness helps us survive on a higher level. The more we look for positive facts and turn them into positive experience the more happy we will become. I want to explain more about turning a positive fact into a positive experience. Any positive fact can be noticed, experienced, savored, and even taken into your consciousness to heal old wounds. It is a matter of teaching yourself to do it. A long standing concept in sociology is "the mirror image self". That refers to the way people develop their self concept from the way those around them seem to perceive them. If a person is treated as smart they are more likely to act smart and so on. However each individual can find ways to engineer a better self concept for themselves without having to be lucky enough to be in a family that will nurture that concept. Of course choosing the people you associate with will influence your idea of self but we have a fair amount of choice in who we associate with in this modern world. Do you wish to be more honorable? By wishing that you already have concepts of honor. Now look for times you notice and applaud honor in others. Notice your own honorable thoughts. Take those thoughts into your experience, savor them deeply. Soon you will notice honorable actions such as holding a door open for a handicapped person and so on. Savor these actions. Do this with whatever character trait you believe you need to develop whether it be courage, creativity, kindness or whatever else you need. The spark of magic will give you the daring to consider what you want to bring forth in yourself. It is latent already or you would not hunger for it. Consider it, experience it, savor it, be it. May the spark be with you.

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