My magic castle

My magic castle

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Magic Of The Moment

Years ago I gave a friend a compliment and he replied by saying, "That warms my heart."
I suggested that was an old fashioned statement for someone under thirty. He told me, "No, I actually felt warm around my heart when you said that. Don't you ever stop and let your heart feel warm?" Before that I had not actually been conscious of the feeling of warmth that can come when a moment is precious. Now I know to take the time to let happiness come through and register. One of the Mother's Day cards I got was from one of my granddaughters that sometimes says her name is Ladybug. On the card there was a ladybug hovering above some flowers. I got double enjoyment out of the card because I took the time to think of her finding the card with the ladybug and sending a double message, the one on the card and the secret one from our special ladybug. Then letting her know I had spotted it gave me another chance to enjoy a moment of love and closeness. You can add to your happiness quotient by letting the moment of appreciation, joy, surprise, contentment act like the spark of magic that can fly into dry grass and start a fire of goodness and warmth. Look for colors you like, listen for voices you enjoy, read books that transport you. The moment is there for you. Let is spread. May the spark of magic by with you.

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