My magic castle

My magic castle

Monday, May 3, 2010

Magicking The Ego

The ego, as a buffer between you and the world is necessary. But it can be fragile.
I recently heard someone say, "I got my ego bruised." I hope they heard themselves say that operative part, "I got". Too often people don't realize how much they have to do with the hurt. Had they not listened and given power to the idiot who hurt or insulted them, there would have been no hurt. Being creative is important. The act may not always be appreciated by other people. That is the problem of these other people. The creative act may not always be the result you want. That is up to you to judge and change if desired. To grab on to the spark of magic for your ego so that you will be strong enough to create you must recognize where the power lies. The power to judge and create lies with you. You must be humble and and strong at the same time. It is just an act that you choose to do. It may or may not have the desired result. You can try again, either in the same setting or you can find a new one. Retreat if necessary but try to remember that you are the magician, the power to create lies with you. If you like what you create then it is glorious. You can also change your mind. That is also a creative act. May the spark be with you.

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