My magic castle

My magic castle

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Wisdom Is Where You Find It

Recently I watched a couple of people do a bit of screaming and shouting, acting out as it were. One of them went to a quiet place and discovered what his soul was trying to tell him about the need for self expression, that he needed to be creative to keep his soul healthy. I am not close enough to the other person to know what she did but the recipient of her intensity reached out for some mental health counseling to deal with that behavior, so good results came from both of these two tantrums. I used the lesson from the man who learned of the need for soul expression for myself and solved some problems in my physical set up for my writing. I was getting antsy about the impediments to my creativity myself. I just wasn't quite ready to act out. So I wonder if the demonstrators around the nation I have been judgmental of can be encouraged to get into a dialogue with themselves about their fears and needs for their soul to be happy. Perhaps they will learn a good lesson in time. I have often said that anger is needed to alert us that something needs to be fixed. I must state, however, that reason must be used to really understand what needs to be fixed. The spark of magic in this case would be the spark of reason. Use the energy you get from reaching for the spark to notice what is pushing your buttons, what irritates you, then reason out ways to solve those problems. That will bring the magic and miracles to you that you need. May the spark be with you.

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