My magic castle

My magic castle

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Magic Of Questioning Authority

I am thankful for the brave activists around the world that have made the news lately, and I am thankful for the book reviewers that have questioned the validity of some of the ideas that certain politicians are putting forward. I am thankful for the humorists that also stand up for their beliefs. There is a big difference between sovereignty and authoritarianism. When a parent, big brother, leader, elected official is willingly given power they are obligated to live up to that trust and use that power wisely. That is sovereignty. The locus of power is still with the governed. However certain heads of groups, non-profits, governments, families, and so on take power to themselves and abuse it. They become authoritarian. That power must always be questioned. If you are in a relationship and you feel that your power is diminished it probably is. Be thoughtful and brave. Many of the current demonstrators in action nowadays have not examined the issues, nor faced their own hidden agendas. It would be well for someone in their group, who is more thoughtful, to question their authority. One way to tell if someone has an authoritarian mind-set or not is to gently question a decision. (Not during crises. There are times strong decisions save lives.) If the leader enters into dialogue with you they accept you as an equal and may be worthy of your trust, or want to gain it. Leaders are valuable. Dictators are dangerous. May the spark of magic help you to keep or regain the power you deserve to live your life fully.

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