My magic castle

My magic castle

Friday, October 25, 2013

The Magic of Focusing on the Small

So often we are told to look at the big picture, or to go beyond the big picture and think outside of the box.  That is often good advice.  But I say to all wise magicians, "What next?"  Part of setting goals is so decide on an action plan.  Plans involve steps.  Each step is a small part of the big whole.  Learn to take the step after the big picture and hone in on the small picture.  The left brain is thought to be out of the realm of magic but I believe that left and right brain work together to bring good things into your life.  Imbue those small steps, which might be tedious, with joy because of the reward they will eventually help us bring.  Pat yourself on the back for getting started.  Look for the small key that will unlock the door you need to enter. Search out the small limb that you can pull out of the log jamb to send those logs on down the river.  The center of a target is small.  Chipping away at your anxieties and blocks can be small victory by small victory.  When you bring your sense of joy or well being to small steps, small tasks, or small accomplishments, all these small things become glorious big things.  A small insight can unlock a door to a bigger world.  Don't get stuck on the small, but focus on it as a way to bring more magic into your life.  May the spark be with you.

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