My magic castle

My magic castle

Saturday, December 12, 2015

The Magic of Expectation

   Many creative people get excited by their ideas and that high keeps them working until the idea is made real.  A writer will continue to pour out words even if fingers are cramping around the pen.  A painter will paint until the picture is done, even if eyes are bleary and the brush falls from stiff fingers. As the faint glimmer takes form the work feeds on itself and the energy is good.  This is the best scenario.  Idea.  Energy to keep going.  Finished creation.  But this is not always the reality.
   All people are creative, whether they label themselves so or not.  But all too often an idea comes to one.  Or a goal.  The excitement happens.  But there is a gap.  The goal or idea exists.  But the way forward is unclear.  Then the energy fizzles.  This is the more common scenario.  Idea-gap-fade...
  For decades I have been aware of that gap, painfully so.  Sometimes I have bridged it but all too often I have not.  I have discovered that many others have the same life experience.  But again I have hope that there is a way over this gap.  I am actually excited about this possibility.  In the last issue of O magazine, Oprah Winfrey's platform, I was reading her interview with Brendan Burchard.  He is the founder of The Experts Academy and author of several books about growth.  His latest is "The Motivation Manifesto".  In this interview, in one small sentence, he mentioned the power of expectation.  He didn't use the word 'power'.  But I will.  Expect something to continue, to turn out well and it is likely to.  That sense of expectation is like the tendril a climbing plant throws out.  It takes a while for it to find the support it will climb on but it keeps reaching out, learning as it goes, until the way becomes well established. This is a powerful idea for me.  A magical one.  I intend to make this my spark of magic mantra for reaching my goals. "Expect the way to open up."  I intend to replace the sense of hopelessness I have had at facing the GAP and learn to expect the way forward to be shown to me.  I hope all of you can also expect the way to open for you.  May the spark be with you.


  1. Great info and very inspirational Thanks Donna

    1. Rhumpus, I am honored that you have the ability to find this inspirational. I expect you will continue to be inspired by life.