My magic castle

My magic castle

Friday, April 15, 2016

The Magic in the Message of Procrastination

The wise magician does not do everything with a save of the wand.  Living by whim can be tiring, even exhausting.  But to have a stable life one must question the wave of the wand.  Do magicians get goals?  I believe they must.  But then procrastination creeps in.  Procrastination is often spoken of as a sin.  But the wise magician knows that every cringe or 'aiyah' is simply a signal from the wise inner self.  It is a signal that something needs to change.  Perhaps there is a monster to be slain or a deluge to be stopped.  Procrastination comes through in different ways.  Perhaps you feel tired.  Or perhaps something that is not usually that wonderful seems to beckon and sparkle. When procrastination is recognized the wise magician will take out the magic wand and wave it until all the bits and pieces of the procrastination lays at your feet.  Now look at it.  It is not so overwhelming.  You can use your magic of analysis now.  What part of the planned task or goal were you not ready for?  Why?  What part did you need to do some more preparation for?  Do you need to get some training or help?  Did fear intrude?  Was there something to which you need to acclimate yourself?  Was it all just too new?
Where is the easiest place to start?  Can you make up some games to help you?  Do you think the goal is a step in the wrong direction after all?  Procrastination is a message, not a good way of life. Welcome the message procrastination has for you, interpret it and go on to a more magical life.  May the spark be with you.

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