My magic castle

My magic castle

Friday, April 8, 2011

The Magic Of Patience

To have patience you must be able to believe in a positive outcome. Since the wise magician has a mindset that they will bring about a positive outcome it would seem that patience is natural to the wise magician. But just in case you are as human as everybody else I will help you examine a few things you might consider about patience. The first thing, of course, is the ability to put aside the needless fears that want to intrude. Fear, in many forms, likes to sneak in where ever it can. If you run from it it gets stronger. Challenge it. If you are getting tired that might be one of the forms fear has taken. Procrastination, getting fog headed, having an urge to be distracted, getting with people who will discourage you from working towards your goals are all manifestations of fear. Sometimes all you fear is change. Even so the smallest fear can hold you back. A second thing about patience is to fill the time purposefully. If you are waiting for Christmas it might be well to buy presents, wrap them and send out cards. Prepare for the achievement of the desire. A third thing you can do to help yourself with the development of patience is to make the goal seem more real. Do affirmations, visualizations and plans for how you will enjoy what you are manifesting for yourself. A fourth thing that will help you have patience is to break up the time into chunks. It is easier to get through a day than a week. After you have patiently passed one day you can then take on another. Fifth, be creative about your waiting. Find ways to make games of it, or find humor to help you pass the time. Creativity is a special realm of magic. So reach out to the magic that surrounds you and accpt that good things will come to you. May the spark be with you.

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