My magic castle

My magic castle

Monday, February 6, 2012

The Magic Of Cycles

In Western cultures we tend to look at life as something that progresses in a linear manner.  I was taught that Eastern cultures believe more in cyclical nature of life.  We tend to resist the idea of cycles, saying that being frustrated is "going around in circles".  Not only do we expect to progress in a linear way, it must also be upward.  Yet to deny the place of cycles is to forget how pleasant it is to meet Spring each year as new and also as an expected old friend.  Coming home at the end of a long day is a cycle, yet it is welcome and renewing.  We do not have to let cycles be closed loops.  There is a spiritual concept of a gyre, a spiral that moves us towards Heaven or a deeper understanding of that which is more profound in life.  Each evening, as you come into your home, you can spiral a little deeper into the wonderful haven you have.  You can focus on something that you have been taking for granted.  Perhaps there is a stone near the sidewalk that has an interesting curve and texture to it that you have not appreciated before.  Perhaps you have not noticed how the light plays on the face of one dear to you, showing the depth of character they have developed over the years.  As you revolve you can evolve.  Your progress does not have to be a journey of simply passing through life, moving ever upward and onward, without ever really experiencing the beauty that is there.  Cycles let you come once more to something that you may have glossed over before.  When you next feel that you are 'going around in circles' break out of the frustration and look to the lessons and gifts you can gain this time around.  May the spark be with you.

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