My magic castle

My magic castle

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Magic Will Come

Weather has been bad.  I wouldn't be able to step out on to my deck if I wanted to because of the drift against my office door.  We had over 14" of snow since night before last.  I had been trying too hard, as well, to figure out how to bring the success into my life that will one day come.  I had been feeling at the end of my rope.  I knew the magic was there but I couldn't find it for myself.  I was beating myself up for that also, and feeling guilty because I knew better.  But I just couldn't create any zing, any endorphins, in the amount I wanted.  So I began to organize my office.  Notes to file, books to shelve, paper to put in the recycle bin, and so on.  I couldn't pull magic up myself but it was out there, waiting.  Then I came across a short item mentioning the 'beginner's mind'.  It said that we need not look at failure as failure but as a chance to start over again, as a fresh new page on which to write a new story.  It took a bit because I was not thinking that I had failed, exactly.  Then it sank in.  I might not need to write a whole new story, but I could write a new chapter.  As I had been sorting and filing I had also been sorting out my ideas for several of my projects as well.  The perspective from this unknown writer became a spark of magic for me.  I was no longer at the 'end of my rope' but I had a chance to try again.  This time I would probably get further than I had before.  I had not been able to wield my own magic wand but another magician had waved one for me.  So I suggest to all wise magicians that if you need a bit of magic that you look around you.  Perhaps someone else has discovered a idea or a bit of inspiration that they will share with you.  May the spark be with you.

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