My magic castle

My magic castle

Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Magical Function of a Promise

From time to time I have mentioned the term 'magical function'.  I want to make sure all you wise magicians understand what I mean by this term.  Magical function is when something works way beyond the immediate time and space in which it takes place. You might think of synergy, serendipity, karma, and luck.  Certain practices or ways of doing things just seem to bring goodness into a person's life multiple times and in many different ways.  A promise is like that.  You promise yourself you will accomplish something.  Sometimes you have to move mountains to bring about one simple thing.  But you persevere and the promise is kept.  But there have also been many other spin-offs.  Someone might have become aware of your integrity and want to reward you for your good character with a job or opportunity.  Or you might have had to be very creative to keep your promise but you ended up creating more than one thing.  My daughter, Cyndi, told my sister, Jo, that she would come to Utah and help with the construction of Jo's new house.  Before she left, Cyndi had to keep her implicit promise to the garden she had put in, that it would be cared for.  She had to be very creative in designing and building a watering system so I wouldn't have to drag hoses around.  I am too mobility impaired to do that well.  I am totally impressed by how well her system works.  I miss her but the garden doesn't.  Soaker hoses, timers, switches all work well. Sometimes magicians think there is a war between love and will, that we should be all about love and disregard will.  If you only love for a moment it will be shallow.  But if you have the willpower to love through the years the developing love will have great depth and spirituality.  So I say to all wise magicians out there: If you have a goal that you think you want to go for, do it.  Make a promise to yourself and the way will open up.  Inner resources and outward opportunities will line up.  May the spark by with you.

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