My magic castle

My magic castle

Friday, August 24, 2012

The Magic of Layers and Leaves

To understand the magic of layers and leaves you must first go to that place of understanding beyond words. Envision an old book with parchment leaves, perhaps the cover is of fine leather.  This book has many bookmarks in it and you can flip from one bit of wisdom to another very easily.  Move from this understanding to the way a yard might have layers of leaves built up on the lawn during the winter.  The moisture is kept in the ground so that the earth is able to ready itself for spring.  Now think of the way a team might reach out their hands when they are in a huddle and each one lays his hand on top of the other hand.  They do this as a signal of unity and teamwork.  Layers and leaves.  Going deeper and deeper into a more profound understanding of whatever needs to come forth.  Perhaps it is time to uncover an understanding of a special truth.  Layers are peeled away until something wonderful is revealed.  A friend might reveal his personality and depth of spirit to you, one layer at a time.  Ideas evolve over time.  Layers are peeled away until the idea is before you in all its glory. A conversation may go on with many different levels of meaning..
Gain this understanding with your sense of vision, with the wisdom of the warmth of your heart, or with any other sense that wants to come into play. When you feel yourself sensing that you, also, have different layers of spirit and heart you have moved into your being as a wise magician.  Live on more than one layer at a time.  May the spark be with you.

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