My magic castle

My magic castle

Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Magic of Expressing Your Opinion

The 'opinion' in the post title is not a quick parroted slogan you have swallowed from some one else.  But a well thought out and well stated opinion can have magical, far reaching effects.   Such a way of stating your opinion can build your confidence and get you quoted down through the years.  Gandhi, Mother Teresa, The Dalai Lama, Abraham Lincoln, and Albert Einstein are just a few of the people who have influenced the people of the world to work for a better life.  They did not call names.  They listened and cared.  Then they said what was important with courage. If you are on Facebook you can start out by making a small comment on posts that others put up.  You can start in your family by frowning when some one says something too far off the wall.  Keep at it until you gain your voice.  What you care about matters.  But so does what others care about.  Opinions, expressed as opinions, but well stated can lead to true dialogue.  In time, sometimes it
actually takes decades but it can happen, improvements in life come about. I just read about the amazing amount of lynchings that used to take place in America.  But people began to push back and, expressing their opinions about the evilness of that, in about thirty years times, lynchings became very rare. If you don't like this insane gun violence going on in our nation, tell someone.  I say to all wise magicians out there "You have values and a good inner sense of goodness or you wouldn't be a wise magician.  So express your opinions and let the magic begin."  May the spark be with you.


  1. I like this idea. I think our society is way too gun oriented. Too many people own guns for purposes that are not necessary. I recently had conversations with a couple of different gun owners but I did not share my opinions because I didn't want to start an argument or a heated political discussion that could never end with any type of agreement. But now I feel like I should have said something. Thanks for the encouragement madam Maeven. Maybe next time I will do better and make my opinion known.

    1. I think I have already replied to you, but I appreciate your comment. I grew up around guns in a rural area and had no idea the way they could be misused in a city. They were for deer hunting, keeping down the overpopulation of rabbits and rattlesnakes. Then I experienced city life in a dark way and often.Now I am reading about the NRA convention where a member is going around trying to talk sense into the fearful and radicalized members. I hope common sense wins out.