My magic castle

My magic castle

Monday, March 10, 2014

The Magic of Standing Back

So many fairy tales and movies have the magician get into a hard spot then get out of it with a swoosh of a magic wand.  Our mind set can get narrow that way.  We can believe that every discomfort can be changed by the wave of a magic wand, by getting "Mommy or Daddy" to fix it, or by throwing money at it.  But if we don't stand back from the problem we may not even know what it is that needs to be changed, or solved. Standing back also brings about a shift in the time frame. The wise magician will realize that a decent problem needs a decent amount of time to be dealt with.  I say to all wise magicians, if you need a change take the time to decide what the best change would be.  Then stand back and decide what to do.  Stand back to gain confidence and clarity about working at what you want to have happen until you get it.  I have seen people need a change but they have a pattern of showing irritation too soon, then after the blow-up, settling back into acceptance of the way things were.  I have noticed that the people around them then didn't believe they really wanted that change, so they didn't continue to help them achieve it.  Step back, look at you life, see what changes you need, see what you can do and do it.  May the spark be with you.

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