My magic castle

My magic castle

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Magic of the Answer

It is very popular now days to refer to the book and the movie "The Secret" and its subject, The Law of Attraction. The idea is that if you really put it out there to the Universe about your desires, those desires will be met. There seems to be an assumption with this idea that those desires will be big ticket items. This causes some people to scoff at the whole idea of the Universe giving you the gift of having your desires met. However I suggest that it happens in ways we don't realize and if we sharpen our awareness we may be amazed. After all, we are surrounded by a field of magic i.e. energy and possibilities. This morning two things that I had been calling for, by recognizing the need for them, manifested to me. One was in the newsletter I subscribe to from Rick Hanson PhD. I was feeling a definite lack of zing and the need for it. Then I read his JOT (Just One Thing) article about surviving the darts of life. He suggested the technique of dilution. A spoon of salt is harsh in a 1/2 cup of water but not so bad in a gallon. I realized that I could dilute my mood by moving away from the feeling of having too much to do and towards the acceptance that I am actually accomplishing much. Then I went into my office and saw that some objects had appeared on a shelf that I had been wishing to have something on. This shelf is actually a box. I had placed a doll holding a crystal ball on the top. Then my daughter had placed a gnome figurine by it. We had discussed all the touches of a magical kingdom I have around the office and wondered what could fit inside the box. For days I had seen that empty spot and wondered what would fit as to size, color and theme. I had been calling to myself to look among other vignettes and see what could be moved. But this morning, when I was calling out for zing, there were some colorful and appropriate objects sitting in the box. So two calls, filling the box and getting a bit of magic in my life, had been answered by the objects in the box. Plus the article had been an answer as well. These were little answers but they gave me a lot of energy. Sometimes we may be given the means or energy to get those big ticket items for ourselves and not realize it. I suggest to all wise magicians that we, me too, sharpen our awareness of the answers we are given. May the spark be with us.

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