My magic castle

My magic castle

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Magic of 'Meanwhile"

When I was a kid I looked forward to Summertime spent with my grandmother. One of the delights of those summers was going to Saturday afternoon matinees with my cousins. I remember how the hero, usually a cowboy, would be in a dramatic fight or a dangerous situation, then a caption might come up or a narrator say, "Meanwhile back at the ranch.." Then a shift would be made away from that dangerous scene to a more peaceful one. At times we put ourselves into a stressful situation and need to go away from it something more peaceful. Oftentimes the stress is caused by the emotional noise or mental clutter that goes on when we need to solve a problem and we can't seem to make a decision about the actions that we need to take. Once the way is clear then we are calm because we know what we need to do. Even if it may be difficult, we will be able to face the challenges. Here are some examples of uses of 'meanwhile magic'. I have a big bill to pay. It isn't due for a while and by that time I have decided where the money will come from. Meanwhile I will enjoy the benefits of what that payment brings to me. Or: I will make a change that I have been agonizing about on this particular date. Meanwhile I will calmly go about the business of getting ready for the change. Or: This event is coming up and it will be hard to manage. But I will. Meanwhile I will enjoy my life and the freedom from the worry I had had been doing. So I suggest to all wise magicians that you create a 'meanwhile' space for yourself. This is a room or scenic place you can go where you are away from the noise and trouble of wrestling with decisions. You have done that work and you know the energy of the magic that surrounds you will help you implement that decision when the time is right. Meanwhile you will enjoy the contentment and happiness to which you have a right. May the spark be with you.

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