My magic castle

My magic castle

Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Magic of Kitty Love

I have noticed that children, kitties, Grannies, and puppies often get what they want more easily than others do. I believe that is because these individuals are gifted at using the magic wand of loving attention to the one they are sure is perfection incarnate and will supply them with what they want. A puppy is unwavering in his desire. He has clarity mastered to a fine art. Then he is specific and persistent in expressing his desire. When he receives what he wants he gives total signs of his thanks and appreciation. A grandmother uses the same strategies. The grandchild is perfect and cannot possibly disappoint. The grandmother will never waver in her faith and expectation. She will clearly instruct in how to meet her desires. The grandchild has no chance to get distracted from Grandmother's wishes. She is so sure that he will want to snuggle on her lap to hear a story, that he will want to enjoy a cookie, that he will join with her in believing in his gifts that he is swept up in the program and goes along with it. So I suggest to all wise magicians: If you have people you want to influence you can craft and shape their path with persistent expectation and appreciation. You are likely to get good results. Try a lot of appreciation and see if it has magic in it. I believe it does. May the spark be with you.

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