My magic castle

My magic castle

Monday, December 19, 2011

The Magic Of The Capture

I am currently re-studying a book on using our brain to be active in the world as a genius. It is by Andrei G. Aleinikov, Ph.D and titled "MegaCreativity: 5 Steps To Thinking Like a Genius"
He was a Russian Colonel who was chosen as the first Russian student at The US Air Force Air War College. He decided to stay in the United States and became a citizen in 2002. He teaches creativity and innovation in many situations, including to business like 3M. There are two things that stand out for me. First, he really puts out the idea that a person who wants to develop their creative abilities must push themselves beyond negativity and laziness. That is not new. It is widely agreed that one's mindset is very important for success. But I am delighted by the way he teaches ways to organize and capture ideas. That makes we think about the delightful inner self we all have, our imagination, in which we can get lost in a magical wonderland of fun and ideas. But if we don't 'capture' our ideas they do no good beyond the fleeting moment they occur to us. Systems of 'capture' have long been important in human development. Language is a way to capture and share a concept. Language developed and ideas could be shared. Then the art of telling a story, or the history of a group as an oral tradition was developed. Then writing came about. Another way to capture and share ideas. Then libraries. Of course now we have digital ways of sharing and saving ideas. Somewhere in there 'discourse' should be mentioned. Ideas are honed, refined, saved or rejected by the way they are discussed among people. Mathematics is a way of capturing and sharing ideas. I suggest that each wise magician may have developed their own way of 'capturing' their ideas for them self so they can go back to the concept and work it out. Even the way you note down your do-list or your plans for the day can be a magical capture. Look to the way you 'capture' concepts and see how that 'capture' helps you bring magic into your life. May the spark be with you.

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