My magic castle

My magic castle

Friday, December 30, 2011

The Magic Of Inner Time

The year I spent every weekend in Boulder, Colorado studying hypnotism and Neurolingistic Programming was a fulfilling year. We would often do a therapeutic induction with the instruction to take all the time the subject needed to fully work out the problem they needed to process, even though it might only be a minute or two or clock time. I learned then and have realized it many times since, that the subconscious does not work on clock time. Sometimes there is a magical flash of insight about a problem that would have taken hours, or even days, to work out by conventional means. Other times the inner self seems to mull over things way too long. Of course at those times it is waiting for more understanding about the problem to occur, or come to you from life events. Clocks have their purpose. But they must not rule. Besides that we, most of us can develop it if we will, have a fairly good sense of clock time. When I had a music studio I did not have to watch the clock, but lessons seemed to tie themselves up and be complete in the half hour that was allotted to them. I have known many people who could set an inner alarm clock to wake up at certain times, either a time duration (such as a half-hour nap) or at a certain time in the morning. So, I suggest to all wise magicians: 'Do not fret about time. Try to get into the flow of due time, in which things happen in the right way at the right time.' Calmness and faith seem to stretch time so that we are able to get done what we need to do. Look instead to 'have the time of your life in living.' May the spark be with you.

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