My magic castle

My magic castle

Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Magic Of Winter Trees

It's New Years Day and I have been being bombarded for a few days by e-mails about success and growth, all the things to consider at this time of year. I was musing about my own success, or lack thereof, and had to admit I didn't feel very magical. After all, magic is well- formed I am always saying. I judged myself as having too many loose ends. I had made a project list last night, then saw it again this morning, about all the things I am trying to learn and create. I am not that far along on most of them so it seemed like a daunting list. I felt frayed and frazzled in regards to having any hope for "success" this year. I took a deep breath and looked out the window in my office door at the majestic trees outside. Only one is an evergreen so I could see the stark branches reaching out every which way. Suddenly the magic that is all around me made itself known. I may be going in many directions but there is a unity to my growth. I am seeking ways to share with the world the message that they can choose happiness and everyone has an inner genius. I may seem to be branching out 'every which way' but I am reaching for the warmth of the sun. I know how to laugh, how to love and how to be resilient. My success will be in continuing to reach out, to take a stand for love of the Earth, of others and of self. If I am rewarded with financial success, and I am trying to move in that direction, it will be icing on the cake. So I suggest to all wise magicians. Today, if you wonder what you should resolve for the New Year, take a 'leaf' from Mother Nature- be true to yourself and grow in ways that are right for who you are. May the spark be with you.

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